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The slick shit application

1. Name?
2. What time did you finish this application?
3. Age?
4. Why do you want on T-V?
5. Are you hardcore?
6. What does Sandgina mean?
7. Do kickouts and turnbars rule?
8. Should tom grow his mullet back?
9. Are you a pussy?
10. Do you have a criminal record?
11. If yes to question 10....for what?
12. What type of riding do you do? sk8park,trails,street ect ect
13. Are you a badass?
14. Does standard suck?
15. Have you ever owned a sk8board?
16. Do you own a sk8board at this current time?
17. Do you have to be inside when the street lights come on?
18. How many parts on your bike are spray painted?
19. Are any painted neon pink?
20. What will you bring to T-V?
21. Do you like bowling?
22. Do you drink?
23. What time did you start this application?
24. Location?
25. What does poser mean to you?
26. How many hours do you sleep a day?
27. Do you smoke/do any drugs?
28. What do you think of the sk8ers at the akron park?
29. Is this application getting annoying yet?

Copy this the e-mail link below and paste it in the e-mail...fill it out...and press send.
Click here dumbass