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The SlickShit Times


10/29/02 - Dayv i am gonna delete whatever you put in the news section have a new team....go work on that site...And I have something up my sleeve for Team Vasaline.....details will be posted in a few weeks.
Added by Paul at 3:05am

10/28/02 - I fixed the news so it wasnt all backasswards. Before the newest news was on the bottom and i was like......i fucked that up quite i fix it. I'm not gonna delete what Dayv put cause he was expecting that....and just because i dont update the news doesnt mean in not working on the site.
Added by Paul at 4:43pm

10/23/02 - Well the links section is up and working....if you want to see a link in there e-mail me and tell me why it should be in there....T-V also has 2 new members now....Eric Brown and Jerry everyone give them a big warm T-V welcome *gives Jerry and Eric the finger* Eric,Jerry,Jared and myself got together very early tuesday morning and went riding....we got hassled by the cops 3 times i can remember...jared threw his bike a few times....massilion gives a bad vibe when riding there....if i think anymore to write about i'll add it later....peace
Added by Paul at 9:16pm

10/19/02 - The application is up in the random bullshit section for all you T-V wannabe's, Basically the whole website is up and running at the moment....what doesnt have any content in it will by the middle of next week hopefully.
Added by Paul at 12:20am

10/16/02 - We're back from the dead....things are gonna be going slow around here for a while...basically im learning html as i build this site back up from the things might not work right always....but eventually i'll get everything set. Let's see....T-V went on a diet and only has 3 members now....Myself,Jared and Tom....oh the way....Dayv,Robb and anyone else....your fired. Well back to being a webpage designer.
Added by Paul at 10:45pm