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here is my collection of webrings, cliques/clubs, adoptions and awards i've won. i liked having them all listed on my main page, but as you can see, it was getting out of hand...and of course, dont forget to join my cliques/clubs when you finish here! oh, and much thanks to everyone who has given me awards!


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..Listed @ Dreamer

In Pepperland All Things Are Possible..

Who is your wonderful?..Revolution


Who is your wonderful?





I love the Care Bears!



PRiCELESS..strawberry shortcake rocks

Straight Edge for Life



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jem..eevee..my twiddle bug....dodo from ojamajo doremi..applejack

.. ..my pixie tail, toothbrush..my kacheek chewyhortense

This baby pony is adopted on 1-4-01 at Lullabye Nursery.

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