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at one point, i ran a green day newsletter when the green day street team was still sending out information. it has since become defunct for whatever reason, and the mailing list has been discontinued. but never fear, there is still more green day goodness for you to enjoy! the page has a trading post to help you complete your green day collections, polls, my ultimate quiz to test your knowledge, quotes, the 'why are you a nimrod?' section to show your dedication to your favorite band, and a picture gallery from my own personal collection (note: that was a hint, dont steal em!) if you have a green day related page and would like to join my webring, just go to webring section, or click on my ring at the bottom of this page where it says "want to join?" so c'mon and take a look around the page, nimrod! any suggestions about the page i would LOVE to hear em, just drop me a line. what is it you guys wanna see? im doin this for you!

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a funny sign i found around my house...someone changed "watch for ice on bridge" to "watch for green day on bridge"

"they have that awesome punk rock energy that makes me want to smash beer bottles on my head" -steve masters, dj

green day guitar and bass tabs:

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