- "we want to run with the joeys and swim with the great whites."

- "we're the same snobby bastards that drop our pants, run around in our boxers and joke around."

- "success, we want to be successful...we want to make good music, and have fun with it."

- "i love doing live shows, but itís really hard when youíve got people at home that you really care about."

- "we're just trying to make the best music we can."

- "we're here because we like having fun...when it becomes all about the music business - when it's not fun any more - we'll leave."
- "we're like their uncles. their dirty uncles." (about sum 41)

- "we're still on the outside...we haven't changed our sound or our attitude or anything at all."

- "selling out means you get money, right? isn't that what selling out means? so...we don't have any money, everybody. we're in debt. for a lot. so we haven't sold out. we'll let you know when we do."

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