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1. what was the song "mr sandman" recorded for and where can it be found?
the cover of "mr sandman" was recorded for the "oldies but goodies" cd compilation. it was also a co-release on negative progression records and landspeed records, and re-released on vagrant records.

2. what is the hidden song on "the world according to gob" about?
the hidden song is known by title as "zorba the greek." the yelling that is done over the top of the song is...well, greek! the guys suggest you go ask a greek friend for the dialogue. ; )

3. who is george zorin?
george zorin is "THE" original prankster. get it now?

4. what was your first show like?
gobs first show was a fun time, but they will admit it is a bit embarassing to look back on. highlights include tom and theo with LONG HAIR! while it does exist on video tape somewhere, they arent too anxious to have it discovered.

5. what is in theos mouth at the end of the "soda" video?
theos mouth is filled with crane flies, which resemble mosquitoes but do not bite. tom was quick to point out that theo did not eat them, ensuring no insects were harmed during the making of the video. =)

6. how old are all the members?
this question will likely remain a mystery. what they WILL say, however, is their birthdays: april 11 (tom), july 19 (theo), september 28 (craig), and october 25 (gabe).

7. what is "hey stephanie" about and who sings it?
"hey stephanie" is sung by all four members of the time, which included pat, theo, tom and jamie (in that order). it is a cover by the band the smugglers, so they would be able to tell you what its all about more than gob could!

8. what are some of your favorite bands you have toured with?
while gob has toured with many fun and friendly bands, two that stick out are sum 41 and chixdiggit.

9.what kind of strings does craig use on his bass?
craig uses s.i.t. gauge 115-50, which he describes as "heavy as fuck!"

10. do you have any favorite places to play (clubs, cities, etc)?
"cleveland, baby!" -tom
just for the record, tom, sucking up to the webmistress will get you nowhere! =)

11. what are some bands/artists that inspired you to play?
some bands include: motley crue, metallica, guns and roses, minor threat, the police, ac/dc, the pixies and the descendents.

12. if you could have another job besides being in a band, what would you like to be doing?
tom: teaching english in a foreign country
theo: something involving cars...or perhaps even a "magic clown!"
craig: working in the golf business
gabe: nothing...being in a band is all he knows and loves

13. what is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to get your attention?
one encounter that definitely stood out was when a boy bit a urinal puck and chewed on it, then proceeded to eat a tissue with theos snot in it. talk about loyalty! the guys also admit to seeing lots of boobs, and even one girl who lifted up her skirt. ahh!

14. how did everyone in the band meet?
according to tom: "i met theo years ago. we dated the same girl, at different times. theo and i met gabe when we played with his band (at that time) strain. he was just filling in for their absent drummer. craig was at one of our shows in toronto and he asked me for a french fry. then he moved to b.c. and we needed a bassist so he gave us $500 and we let him join." and there you have it, folks! heh.

15. what are your favorite cartoons?
tom and gabe are fans of old spiderman. theo agrees, but he also likes the old fantastic four. craig's favorite would have to be the old looney tunes stuff.

16. why cant i find gobs dildozer 7" anywhere?
the dildozer 7" is a tough one to get your hands on. there were only 500 copies pressed and they are all on clear vinyl. while they have long been out of print, my best suggestion would be to keep checking back on ebay or at some similar used music store. i happened to find a copy on ebay a few months ago for only 5 bucks.
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