welcome to my little gob section. i decided that i finally owe them a slot on my page, seeing as how they are some of the raddest guys in the world. but as i did with my green day page, i want to keep from making it the same old stuff that you find on every gob page. therefore it has my own personal pictures, stories and info. please feel free to contribute anything youd like. the more you send in, the better this will be! i would like for this to be the most comprehensive site for gob fans to gather and contribute and interact. please let me know what you think by leaving a post on the board or signing the guestbook.

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"you're going to get your ass kicked in a good way if you come to our show." -gabe

[lets twist again]

questions, comments, contributions? contact me: brainstew3@aol.com

**special thanks to jc, gob (especially tom), dinger, ben, claudia, kevin, lindsay, beth, aron and all those associated with the gob stompers, and everyone else who has contributed pictures or other things. this couldnt be done without you!**