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The day we meT

Living in a small town like Whitehorse Yukon you NEVER get concerts. It is just to damn expencive. Well this summer *2000* I went to Sask, canada for holidays. When I got home I herd that there was a Serial Joe, and Moist concert! I couldn't believe it! At first I figured I wouldn't go since it was $45.00 and I didn't really want to ask my parents for that kind of money. But then my friend Devon decided she wanted to go, so I agreed to go with her. And I got my ticket. And the concert was on the 5th and it was only the 4th. Ahhh the suspence. So my friend Devon *female* and I went to the Westmark Hotel for lunch, cause Devon and some other people used to go thier all the time for Cheese cake! Anyways her and I were sitting there eating when there were a bunch of little kids running around us.... joking i said : "LOOK! there they are there they are!" And we would just laugh... But then I looked out the window and BOOM!!!!!!!!! There was Dan, John and Stever! So I began screaming to Devon : "THERE THEY ARE! I AM SERIOUSE THERE THEY ARE!" of course she didn't believe me, so I began to kinda flip.... and then they walked into the hotle and Stever looked at me funny, and they went to thier rooms. I sat there in kinda shock while Devon laughed at me.. *WHAT WAS I SUPPOSE TO DO?? SHE DIDN"T BELIEVE ME!* So anyways that happened and we were kinda flustered after that. Then we went to the mall and found out that they were doing an autograph signing from 4:30 till 6:00, so we went home to phone our friend Jessica, and then we were going to go back down there.... in which we did. Got there at quarter after 5 and BOOM! They were gone. We asked some people where they went and they said that they had left cause no one really showed up. They were there for 20 minutes and were gone. So we went back to the westmark for supper, cause we were starving, and the hotel is right by the mall. We ate we talked, yadda yadda yadda. After when we got up to leave we noticed a bunch of little kids in the lobby. We asked what was going on and they said that Moista and Serial Joe were coming down to sign autographs cause these little kids parents complained. We left for a few seconds and came back and they were there. We didn't recognize anyone until we saw David Usher *moist* and Dan. So we got thier autographs and had our pics taken with them. *EEEEEEEE* and the pics look AWSOME! Anyways we were talking to John and Jessica asked how old he was and he said 16. And I said *stupidly* "Same with us, oh and we aren't teeny boppers, we are here by TOTAL couincidence." He just laughed. Unfourntnetly Ryan D was unable to come down cause he was really really really sick, but he was able to make the concert the next night, and sure enough he gave a SPECTACULAR preformance!!! THE GUYS DID AWSOME!