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ThE cReAtOr

Okay for one, in the pic, i am the one on the far right... the one in the middle is my friend Devon and the one on the left is Krystal. Please note that this is a really really really old pic, and i will have new ones up soon.... I curently have an eyebrow ring too!
Not to much to know about the great and powerful me! My name is Linzee *Lindsay* and I live in the Yukon.
I am 16 turning 17 soon, *november, and yes I am a sagittariuse (what ever) just like Stever*
My fave bands are, Serial Joe and Moist at the moment.
My fave member is Dan, just cause he and i had a *CONNECTION* when we met.... well i think we did anyway! and I am not saying that ot be concceded!
Fave food: Hot wings, Fave Color: Green, Blue and Pink. Fave Animal: Cat, Fave Sport: Volleyball, Fave place in Canada: Toronto.
Status: Married.................... jj/k I have a boyfriend named Cliff, he is 6'4" Dirty Blonde, and insainly good looking!
Pet peve: I have so many it isn't funny.... Umm that chewy slurpy sound people make when they drink or eat.. *You know when they like lick their lips or something* and the sound of everyone eating in a movie theater... next time you go... you just listen it will drive you INSAINE! *It is so F*&kin' gross*