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InFo On ThE gUyS

The saying goes "the cream always rises to the top" and in Serial Joe's case they have risen past the top and are now breaking into a worldwide space as the coolest rock band. The new album "Serial Joe..." is a deathgrip headlock from four young men who refuse to let you go. This second full length release from Serial Joe proves that these guys are truly talent stricken professionals poised for world domination in 2000 and 2001. With the first single "Silently Screaming" already shrieking across the lips of SJ audiences throughout the land, Ryan Dennis, Stever, Jon Davidson, and Dan Stadnicki are taking center stage as the best thing to happen to rock music since…... forget that, they are the best. "Serial Joe..." is scheduled to overthrow Canada and the U.S in summer 2000. Working for a second time with producer Dave Rave Ogilvie (Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy) the new album features six new songs, five previously unavailable remixes by Tom Lord-Algae (Remixes for Gob,Tea Party,Hole) , Jimmy "The Monkey" Cavalluzzo. , Byron Wong and a new version of the hit radio anthem "Mistake", re-recorded with producer Don Gilmore (Lit, Eve6). "Serial Joe..." will be released in Canada on Aquarius/DKD Group and in the U.S. on Epic and will come to you as a specially enhanced cd .The album cover art is being done by the current wizard of cool Todd MacFarlane, (Spawn, Korn) has been cut from his leash and set free to ravage our senses with a merciless bombardment of his slickest images to date. With their debut album "Face Down" which is on it's way to Platinum sales in Canada alone, get ready to see this new cd everywhere you look. Everywhere. As for keeping busy, Serial Joe are an "all day all night convenience store of cool stuff". With a Juno Nomination this year for Best New Group and a hip new VH1 produced movie "Out of Synch",starring the guys as themselves and featuring their hit song "Mistake", you can't help but want to be Serial Joe. The guys also managed to pick up the Rock Radio Music Awards Best Rock Band award during CMW 2000, perform at Woodstock, and the national Edgefest '99 Tour. You have to give respect where respect is due and these guys deserve truckloads. Trucks made out of gold, driven by models with Serial Joe tattooed on their foreheads. So don't miss the summer sureshot because Serial Joe are in a winning mood. If you want to go to war they'll take you to war. But peace out... for now!

???WhO iS sErIaL jOe???

Ryan Dennis (Vocals, Guitar)
Ryan Stever (Guitar)
Dan Stadnicki (Drums)
John Davidson (Bass)