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Observation by Chuck

Most reviewers with a few exceptions such as Frenchy, Mik, Zac and Les are jadded shitheads and wouldn't know something great if it came up and started humping on their leg. So of course Random Conflict is infinately greater then most of these reviewers will ever realize. You'll realize it after a listen or two. You can't loose out. Get some of their stuff, NOW! The reviews here are good though. I just doubt they really take the time to get to know bands music well though. They have dead lines and stacks of free shit that bands just throw at them.

Mik's Rough Trade zine is awesome by the way

Random Conflict has been on and off since 1988, though this is the first I've heard from the band(except maybe on a compilation or two). I guess it's about time.

The tape starts off with the angry punk anthem "10%" and takes a slower turn with "My World". Two more songs, "Fuck Your Society" and "Madness" round out this guitar heavy punk band.

Random Conflict delivers anger with the maturity that can only be shown by a band that's been around for ten years. And though some of the anger may be a bit simplistic (especially "10%", whick is a good song nonetheless), there is some well-directed bitterness, as heard on "Madness", which tackles religion and gangs (as if there's a difference-- and this song shows tht there's not) with laser-like accuracy.

Random Conflict is yet another and that won't get played on the radio because it's not Green Day, but believe me, this band is much re important. -Doug

from Married Punks

Random Conflict starts this tape out righteously with it's own brand of bitter punk. The three songs the band does on here ("Don't Know,""Insanity" and "Had Enough" are pure listening pleasure. All three are superior songs, which show case Ranndom Conflict's strength in the punk genre. Anti-Crisis is reminicent of a lot of the punk that was coming out in the mid-eighties from strange, desolate lands (like Idaho), and seems to have been influenced a bit by heavy metal in the vocal department. The band's first song, "Cornhead", goes in a blur, and would be a throughaway if done by another band. Anti-Crisis is strong, however, and this song hits like a sack of nails. The band's other song, "State of the Union", presents some interesting ideas, such as the thought that "Social Security is socialism." Nothing wrong with getting a bit political. Both bands are equal in strength on this split tape, and both deverve a listen. -Doug

from Married Punks

Various Artists

"Crusty Comp, vol. 1: Crusty is As Crusty Does" CD

It's pretty obvious that this landed in my pile of review materials because of the title of the comp. When I think of "crust", I think of bands like NAUSEA, not the type of stuff on here. This complilation boasts 28 bands from around Canada and the United States, most of whom blow and have generic NOFX-ish oh-so-cutesy pop punk sound. There are even a couple of really bad ska groups on here. There are, however, a few standouts, like OFF DAY, who have a hilarious song about the glory of being on welfare and drinking beer. Other stalwart units include RANDOM CONFLICT, who are one of the only bands on this compilation who know what they're doing, and FUZZ 58, who have a snotty punk rock sound. (AD)

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