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It started back in 1992 in San Diego California, dropped out of college Mark Hoppus was getting introduced to a man by his sister to her boyfriend’s best friend, and this mans was name was Tom Delonge. They started talking and joking because they both had the same sick sense of humor. After a while they found out they both played instruments and decided to form a band. Tom got Scott Raynor in which they both went to the same high school. Now the band was called “Blink”, yes just “Blink”(after going through other names like sexual puppy, duct tape and others). “Blink” started playing at local San Diego clubs, They soon put out an eight-demo cassette called “flyswatter”, and then they put out their first album (cassette also) Buddha. Around San Diego they were going to more and more place singing their early songs while putting out more demo cassettes and 7”s (click

to see “albums”). In 1994 they put out their first CD album called “Cheshire Cat”, but right when they started making them an Irish tech band threatened to sue them because they had the name “Blink”. The guys added 182 onto blink, rumor has it is the number of times Al Pachino says f*ck in the movie “Scarface”. Now called “Blink 182” started making “Cheshire cat” again. After the lawsuit incident “Blink 182” started going on tour with the “Warped Tour” (the warped tour is awsome). While going on the “Warped tour” they put out there second CD album “Dude Ranch”, and got really popular. They put out a music video from there hit “Dammit” followed by “Josie”. Soon after another tour during the summer Scott at only 18 decided to leave the band for collage. Mark and Tom wanted a replacement and they got one named Travis Barker. “Blink 182” already knew Travis from touring because he was previously was from a ska band I also like called the “Aquabats”. So Travis took Scotts spot and started touring. Soon “Blink 182” got to know Travis, and they espically got to see Travis because they put out there new video “all the small things” (also known as the naked video).