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theater Experience

I enjoy acting immensly . It is what I do and what I plan to do professionally. My hopes are to major
in Drama at southwest Univeristy at San Marcos It's not just the acting that I love, it's the creation, Being some one else, having to work so close to your fellow actors, And bringing enjoyment to so many. Beyond this there is the pure adreniline rush when you go on stage!

here is a list of my acting experience

State Theater
~~Pantelone- androclese and the Lion
Vortex Theater
~~Killer Dog, Mr. Pilkington, Stupid Sheep, Thugs- Animale Farm
Red Dragon Theater Company (Larry D Prease Theater)
~~Ahboreson the Executioner- Shakespeare's Measure for Measure
~~Mike, and others- The Desk Set

here is my tech experience

State Theater
~~Running Crew- Young Man from Atlanta
Hyde Park theater
~~Usher, Bouncer, Running Crew~~A Kind of Alaska/The Collection
Red Dragon Players Theater Company
~~Usher for any show I am not allready in!

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