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Poetic Punker's Life

Important things to John

My name is Jonathon, that's not my real name of course, but if you want to get any closer e-mail me your own damn self. I live in Austin Tx. But i plan on moving to Iwannabanasway. . .A small 4th world country at my first chance. I would like to use this moment to say OLD SCHOOL PUNK ROCKS!!! sorry ahem any way this site is a compilation of all my poetry and a few otehrs that i have stumbled across. . .enjoy!

Oh. Please please please Sign my guest book, My counter is broken so it's the only way I'll know you visited! But please because i lost my password, I can't read private entries, if you need privacy e-mail me at WebMaster@yelkl.zzn.com Thanks-THEM (johnathon winters)

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