Kalin's Korner

full name: kalin lei m. (i'm not tellin that middle name) jones
nicknames: k-lei,k,katlin,and there's plenty more that i might tell ya later
emails: snow_princess_kalin06@hotmail.com + punkybrewster@fuck-the-system.com
age: 7-teen
sex: i be a she.
location: anchorage, alaska
eyes: green
hair: naturally dirty blonde, but strawberry blonde w/ baby blue tips at the moment
piercings: 2 on each ear (plus 1 on the top cartilage),bellybutton,tongue,eyebrow
tattoos: none yet...
height: bout 5'6''
fav. book: i don't know...i have a lot
fav. movie: horror movies, 10 Things I Hate About You (i*m a teeny bopper movie freak!), Where the Heart is :D
fav. sport: is foreplay a sport? ;) probably volleyball or skating
fav. song: too many to choose...
fav. food: cheese cake & charleston chew
fav. store: + hot topic +
basics: here*s a lil about me
as you might be able to tell already, i'm a unique person. i like a lot of stuff, but then again i dislike a lot of stuff. if you read the journal on our main page you'll start to understand that. i like to meet new people so if you're the kind of person i'd like to hang out w/ then we'll probably be friends (wow that sounded corny). i guess i'm someone that people would consider friendly...unless we get off on the wrong foot and then it's + really + hard to get back on the right one. just ask joel :) the 2 pics that i have on my site really don't show who i really am. the one on the main site is pretty recent, but that's not how i normally dress. i dress pretty punkish, the whole plaid skirt w/ fish net tights kinda thing, but i don't really think that's what makes me a punk chik. one of the things that i really hate is people who try be a punk when they aren't. i mean, this girl at my school who was totally the gap and abercrombie kinda chik came back to school from the weekend dressed in plaid pants w/ the studs and everything and i was like 'what the fuck?' punk isn't a trend it's a lifestyle so get it through your head.

even though being a rebel is most of who i am, there's a little more to me that is what a lot of people notice first. i'm not always the serious do drugs kinda girl or anything. i have a hyper retarded side to me just like everyone :) a lot of people don't understand me, but they think they know what's good for me. people that i meet on the net try to get me to quit drugs or start doing my homework when we just met 5 minutes ago and that pisses me off, harcore. don't try to tell me what to do, this is my life not yours.

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