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The rainforest is a beautiful ecosystem which is home to many plants and animals. It is home to many creatures which are found nowhere else in the world. Many rainforest animals are endangered.

The rainforest is important to life on Earth. Possible cures for diseases may someday be found in the rainforest. Many species of plants and animals found in the rainforest are found nowhere else in the world. Many species of life in the rainforest is yet to be discovered.

The rainforest is currently in danger due to human encroachment. The land is logged illegally and the timber is sold. Land is also cleared by farmers using the slash and burn technique. They then use it to graze cattle or grow crops. The thin layer of fertile soil will quickly wash away and the land will be useless. These practices greatly harm the environment.

If the human race is to preserve the rainforest for the future, certain actions must be taken. Laws protecting the rainforest must be enforced. Reforestation projects should be created to reforestate areas of land which have been cleared. Also, the public must be educated about this issue. The rainforest is important to the survival of the planet. It should be preserved for generations to come. If the rainforest goes, we will soon follow.