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Rants and Raves! Aieeeeee!!!

Hey, you can get some info on the band, how everyone's doing, Its like the hullabaloo on Jerk Alert's page, and it might take a while to make it work, but we'll try.

12.10.01 at 15:32:00 by Yesse

Hey, I'm just updating a bit of code on this page so I figured that I'd put something in. I have been updating the site more and more lately and have recently fixed some issues with the form of the page so now it lays out better. (you may notice if you pay attention to the way the graphics load, but thats about it) I have also done some updating on the main page, the shows page, the links page, and I think that sometime tonight I am going to put up the merchandise and CD portion of the page. From these portions, you will be able to download all the songs off of the CD, and after I get done with it, mastered versions of the songs, too. If you already bought the CD or just really really really can't afford one, than you can just download them for your computer or burn them onto a CD or something. If you haven't bought it, we ask that you pay us like 3 bucks. You can pay us more than that, and sure, we'd rather take less instead of nothing, but we feel like three bucks is pretty damn cheap, you can afford it, and we are giving you a mother fucker of a good deal too. If you download it from online, you can print off the paper inserts to the CD, too, except for the lyrics part, because that was in a different format and I don't want to fuck with it. Keep in mind, this is totally by the honor system, and sure you can rip us off if you want to, but that wouldn't be very nice....that and John's got a mean left hook. Also, if you really don't want to print it off and want to get the lyrics and stuff inside and the little paper sticky thing on the front, we can still do all that for you, but for 7 bucks. Also, if you are impatient, you can buy it at CD's 4 change or Moondog for 8 bucks. The merch page ought to have a portion for shirts....but it is likely that those will be basically discontinued because people were way to bitchy about getting the coolest shirt they own handmade for them for only 5 dollars (and no profit to us) and then expecting it to be delivered to there door in like 24 hours. All those people are fuckers. If you paid in advance, then you deserve to either come beat my ass, take one of the shirts, or get a refund. If you didn't (which is like 90% of you), then you deserve to shut the fuck up. Thats it. Have a nice day. (sorry I'm getting so crabby lately, but people in Grinnell fuckin' suck...which means I get to take it out on you.) I'm out. other thing... Evan and John...fucking put something on the rants page, I know you guys aren't doing anything except for looking at Maxim anyway....o.k...maybe just evan's looking at maxim, but...I'm sure john isn't doing anything either. . .

11.18.01 at 11:40 p.m. by Yesse

Holy shit its been a long time. I'm at college right now, but I just got done messing around with and updating a couple pages on the site. It is true that there is a show at Hannah's house next saturday at 9. So everybody come, Damnit. Hopefully (I'm not going to promise anything), I will feel like getting around to fixing up the site more regularly so that it isn't so boring to come here. It has been like 5 months since we have touched it last so I owe you that. Oh yeah... basically ignore my last comment.

07.12.01 at 12:23 by Yesse

Holy cow its been a long time...
The site hasn't really had much of anything happen to it in a very very long time; this is due to several factors. First of all, due to various reasons, there haven't been any shows really and we don't really have many lined up, so there is not really any reason for anybody (including us) to visit to sight. Also, I am working on yet another mass makeover to the site. It will include a new navigation method, new organization to the site, logos, and all kinds of stuff like that. Also (incase you didn't know), we have been working really hard on making and manufacturing our 1st CD/demo thingy. That takes up a lot of time, even though we deliberately did it in a very shabby and quick fashion. There have also been about a billion other reasons...most of which won't make sense to you are are to long to write on this page.
That all is about to change!! Hopefully...don't get too excited.

05.02.01, 5:30 or thereabouts. Posted collectively by the john and evan tag team.

hey, what's up all you peoples? john and evan are in freeport illinois...jesse's here too but he's an idiot and he's at a different house. anyway, we're participating in the hallowed musical tradition that is tri double circle jerk.....and it's not very fun. and we're watching the fresh prince, so that's a plus. check you cats later.

4.28.01 2:30 basically. Posted by Yesse.

We took and edited a bunch of sweet pictures from the penny drive dance. They should be up on the site in a matter of days (prolly not today because adobe kind of sucks sometimes). Anyway, check back on..oh...tuesday or something like that. I also fixed a bunch of crap dealing with the rants section on the link bar at the top and some spelling/grammer errors and stuff like that. Also BE SURE TO VISIT THE NEW 'GUIDO?' POLL!! Thats about all. Adios kiddos.

4/22/01, 4:42 p.m. Johnny says... our administration sucks. they gave us like 10 minutes, which i guess is better than nothing, but considering people liked us they should have given us more. An update about the show this friday, it might not happen for us because of the play. we'll see if scheduling can be arranged, and we'll keep you posted.

4/17/01, 5:42 p.m. d'Evan says...what's up, ladies and gentlemen (especially ladies)? im an idiot when it comes to computers and web pages, so it's taken me a couple weeks just to figure out how to put an entry on this dealie...when me and jesse were coming back from terrorizing shopko, we heard julien's "because" on 91 FM, which was cool. i don't really have anything else to say, except it was fun watching jesse cheat drunk people out of their money, and, as always, beware the guido. im out.

4/16/01 at Who-the-hell-cares a.m.--Yesse
Yo, just thought I'd put a little somethin'-somethin' on here so as not to leave Yon lonely.

My site is done is anyone cares, just go here. It is written without an editor by me so that I could learn to code to better help my friends here at 'My Brother Guido' out. In a few days I plan to do a big makeover of the site. Not to change anything, and I won't do anything too whacked out, but I just plan on making it pretty and functional.

In other news, we went to a rokken Explosion 9 out of Kansas City and Crimson Sweet (rockin' to us all the way from New York city) played their too. I had an awesome time in particular because I the people in Iowa City think I am the coolest and so they bought my clothes off of my back. I profited 15 dollars from a vest and nametag that I got for free and traded my 'Vroooomm' shirt that I made out of an undershirt for an Explosion9 CD. Anyway...more stories if you ask (an go to sign both the My Brother Guido and the Dubuque Zen guestbooks. Adios.

4/6/01 1:19pm- Johnny-
here is the first rant, many more will follow.