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My Brother Guido T-Shirts!

WE ARE TEMPORARILY NOT TAKING ORDERS ON T-SHIRTS. Try again this summer when we are all back in town. Last run, they came in a bunch of different color fabrics and paints and then were all handmaid by these brothers three. They were 5 dollars, but we weren't making any profit because it cost that much to make them. If we never got your shirt to you last time (Jesse accidentally destroyed the list of names and sizes and such), then you can either get your money back, wait until next summer, or else see if we have another shirt that you might be interested in. If you want to make a request for a shirt now (we are not accepting money for them now though), send a mail to the link at the bottom of the page and we will write you down and then mail you back this summer and check what size you want, or even if you still want it at all. We reserve the right to cancel orders.


MY BROTHER GUIDO'S FIRST ALBUM, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARS, IS NOW AVAILABLE. The album was recorded at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and contains 9 My Brother Guido originals! All CD's are packaged in a jewel case and include an inserts with lyrics, cover art, etc. Due to the fact that all of us live away from Dubuque, it is very difficult for us to manufacture and send out CD's so you have 4 options:
  • First, you can go to CD's for Change by Four-Seasons or Moondog and purchase the CD for 8 dollars.
  • Second, you can wait for us to get back to town and we can rustle you up a copy for around 5 dollars IF YOU COME SEE US IN PERSON! People I don't like need not apply.
  • Third, you can send us a mail to the link below, leave your name and address, and we can then work out the details. If you aren't somebody important, and if there is anyway you could have made it to the store, you could very well end up waiting until the next time we are in town or until one of our goonies wants to get around to doing it for us.
  • Fourth, you can read the section below.

Online Download

Since its fun and nice and we aren't greedy or anything, we are putting you up to the honor system and placing not only the original versions, but a mastered version online as well. WE ASK THAT YOU SEND 3 DOLLARS CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO

My Brother Guido
P.O. Box 11-54
Grinnell, IA 50112

If you know us personally, then you can just send us a mail and we will either come to collect next time we are in town or else tell you who you can give the money to.

Once you pay, you are allowed to download both the versions.
If you already bought the CD, you are also allowed to download.

We are including tracks in MP3 as well as the insert graphics. If you go to Cnet, you can download an MP3 player if you don't already have one.

Mail Us!