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Cool Bands' Pages

Jerk Alert: Very cool punk band. That is them above, with a Julien singer.

Julien: See them. buy their stuff.

Explosion9: We saw one of their shows and now they are our buds. Look around on their site, one of these days you should see their lead singer wearing a shirt that was formerly Jesse's.

Crimson Sweet: Once again, met them at a show. The drummer looks like Sid Vicious and the bassist looks like one of the Ramones. Help them out and order their stuff.

Some of Our Favorite Bands

Rancid: All three of the Brothers agree that this is one of our favorite bands. Crazy-good, old-fashioned punk sound. Rancid plays a lot of Punk and Ska but has influences in Raggae and Dancehall

MxPx: This band (with TJ pushing it) kind of got us started down this crazy musical road. Good album after good album from these Washington State rockers and endless respect for the Vespa. There website is also really cool and you can download some of their music there. They are also really nice guys who write purty love songs and don't swear.

Dropkick Murphys: Who would have thought that a bag pipe in fast loud music would rock so much. This band loves to sing kind of chanty bar room songs and from what I hear they put on a really good show. Check 'em out.

Green Day: People just love to bitch and moan about how Green Day sold out and we just love to tell you that you are a fucker for jumping on that band-wagon. If you are still one of those losers who think that Dookie was their first album or who put them in the same category as Blink-182, then you have got a lot to learn. Go to their site and educate yourself for Christ's sake...And if you are too lazy to do that then just send us an email and we will be sure to set you straight. God that makes me angry. . .

Showoff: This band used to be the house band and the Fireside Bowl in Chicago but then they were discovered by John Feldman of Goldfinger and he proceeded to produce their next album. After I bought that album (self-titled), I deserved a cookie for spending my money so wisely. Not only is it annoying how good that album is, but the live show is amazing as well. Somebody still owes me a cookie.

Goldfinger:If you are looking for a great ska-punk band from Southern California, then these guys are for you. Great first two albums (not a huge fan of the latest) with lots of energy. Good shows with good prices, too, and the guys in the band are really nice and sociable. For Jesse and maybe John, too, the very first show they ever went to was a Goldfinger-Showoff-U.S.Crush concert. To this day it is still one of the best and most memorable concerts we have ever been too.

Now obviously we can't list every band we like since there are dozens of them, but if you check out these and go to the bio's section and read up on the Favorite band's part, then you should be well on your way.

Also, you may want to start looking for good bands via record lable. We would recommend Epitaph, Hell-Cat, Hopeless, Subcity, Vagrant, Asian Man, Kunk Fu, Fat Wreck Chords, Tooth and Nail, and Look Out. Good luck.

Cool Places

Punk Hardcore: Punk tab heaven
Angry Young and Poor: Sweet clothes
Skully Records: Small record company based in NYC. sub-groups. Take a Stand!