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Hey, you have just stumbled on the My Brother Guido website. (actually, we probably made you go here) It is under construction all the time, but that doesn't mean don't check back every few days. If you don't know our story yet, we are just some highschool kids living in the midwest who like playing what we call punk rock. We are up for playing any gig, anytime, so please book us. If you are too lame to book us, than at least sign our guestbook, please. Thanks...


What's up, ladies and gentlemen? Things have come and gone, including our weekend back in town for Thanksgiving; so for now we are all back at college. No shows are booked yet, but there is talk that Fat Drew is going to try and hook us up over Christmas break. In the mean time, everybody get ready for the holidays because in a week or two we are all coming back and going to bring back some good old times (which means that you won't have time to hang out with your dear old ma and try on all those new hand-knit sweaters from your grandparents for her.)

Now you can buy our CD at Moondog and CDs4 Change! (If we aren't out of them at those stores) It is called Happy Birthday Lars and its got a sexy picture of Matt Galloway on the front. Its 8 dollars, which is a little more than we sell them for personally, but the stores wouldn't go any cheaper. They will play it in the store every once and a while, so if you are near one of them, walk in, talk to the person working, and make them give us some airtime. Also, if it is somehow just impossible for you to get your lazy ass to one of those stores to buy it, you can e-mail us or sign the guestbook or something and we just might send one to you (you still have to pay though).

Read the stories behind our songs at Behind the Music.
Check it out, it will be updated and added to in the future.

In the future. . .

We are looking to maybe put some kind of MP3 hosting up and maybe just do some sort of makeover of the site. Also,we might end up playing a show in Stitzer sometime in the future, so we are leaving the directions up. (If you need directions, click here) I guess thats it. C'ya in the pit.