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Behind the Music
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Behind the Music

This is a new page that kind of explains the songs and why we wrote them and what they're about and stuff. This is only John's perspective right now, but Evan and Jesse will have input within a couple days. If you'd rather not know what the songs are about, or don't like them anyway then don't read this. Don't get offended by anything said, because we've already said it, maybe only we understood it though. Also, we aren't going to explain everything, because we like having some secrets. Enjoy.

SHE DON'T KNOW ME (Track 1 on the album)
This was the second song we wrote, and we wrote it the same day as You're On My Mind. It's not really about anything, just kind of powerlessness and being stuck on a girl. It isn't about anyone specifically, and the bass line took us a long time to write. There is a picture somewhere of all of us huddled around Jesse's piano trying to figure it out. It is my (John's) favorite song. . . of ours.

YOU'RE ON MY MIND (Track 2 on the album):
Our first song. We always kind of planned on putting words to it or changing it somehow, but it just sounded right the way it was, so we left it. I don't know who was on Evan's mind when he wrote it.
Jessman's input: Don't expect to hear this song at shows that often because it is uber-exausting.

TO VIRGINIA (Track 3 on the album):
This is one of our songs that has two meanings. I think I probably wrote the lyrics a week or so after we got back from Virginia Beach. Maybe it was longer. Evan and I wrote the music on Jesse's sun porch while he made t-shirts. at the last minute I told Evan he should sing the chorus, so we had the lyrics in with us in the studio while we were singing. it turned out cool though, no mistakes, unlike the next song.

WINK (Track 4 on the album):
By far our longest song. Its about a girl, duh, but i probably shouldn't say who she is. The melody for this song was elusive, because the bass line wouldn't fit in how we wanted it to. It was a real pain to record too, because it is so long and that equals plenty of time to make a mistake. Other than pitch, there is a mistake in the singing when i started the third verse to soon. We all kind of though that was cool, so we didn't do it over again. There is also a point where I say 'maybe', but it sounds like baby. Evan does't think so.
Jessman's input: This is tied for my favorite song on the album with Spill the Blood of the Innocent.

I FORGOT (Track 5 on the album):
Short and to the point. It is about somebody no one wants to be. It's based on something Kate said once: I called her at like noon or so and she was like, "I don't remember how to wake up," or something like that. It sounded cool, but the song is not about her, just what she said.

KEEP ALL YOUR LOVE ANYWAY (Track 6 on the album):
Jesse is just a big goof. Everytime he hears himself say "serpent eyes" it cracks him up. Me too. It was a serious bitch to record. We did it like seven times or something. It was murder. Good song though. and Evan wrote the guitar solo at the end. i hate solos.
Jessman's input: Awww...thanks for the compliment Johnny. Also, if you are really observative, you can figure out who the song is about. It's not obvious, but it is definately in there.

BLUE MOON (Track 7 on the album):
We wanted to not just do MxPx's version, so we changed the intro into like a doo-wop style (thanks to the Marcel's version). everyone is like, "I didn't know Jesse could sing that low!" Our producer freaked us out during the first run through recording the singing track, though, because he turned up the reverb and chorus, so it sounded like one hundred Evans and Jesses singing into an echo mic. The guitar picking at the beginning is what TJ would play, so, thanks for the idea.

SPILL THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT (Track 8 on the album):
This was our third song, and the bass line really depressed me and evan, so we gave it like an ozzy ozborn or Slayer name, but never planned to keep it. We just thought it would be funny on a cd to see 'Blue Moon' followed by 'Spill the Blood of the Innocent.' This is based on what Matt said in Calculus once. He got a crappy score on a quiz and screamed out "I'm thriving on failure!" Once again though, it's not about Matt, he passed calculus.
Jessman's input: This tied for my favorite song on the album with Wink. I just really like the feedback and stuff later on in the song, its really cool.

EVAN DON'T SPIT ON ME (Track 9 on the album):
: Everyone knows what the story behind this is. Listen to the song.