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Meet the Band

Hey you crazy kids. There is a pretty good chance you already know all of us. If not, hey, maybe we are making some new friends. The story behind My Brother Guido is a fairly simple one. About a year and a half ago now, John, Evan and Jesse started jamming in John's basement to get ready for the talent show. The band didn't play, but if you looked hard enough you might have seen John sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" off key. A few weeks later the band started jamming fairly regularly, and recruited T.J. for some more noise and another idiot onstage. Recently we've been playing more and more shows. We've played with Julien, Jerk Alert, and various groups from our school at organized functions and shat. We have also recorded a CD at UW-Platteville, and it's available for purchase! Recently, we've parted with T.J., so now there are only three idiots on stage now. As the new school year kicked off, the Brothers all headed to different colleges: Johnny to Macalester in St. Paul, MN; D'Evan to Gustavus-Adolphus in St. Peter, MN; and Yesse to Grinnell College in Grinnell, IA. While the Brothers will probably each be starting their own bands at college, MBG will always be performing when all three come back to town. (That means make sure to start checking the website a couple days before breaks. So that's the story.

Read the Biography of your Favorite Brothers:

D'Evan- Bass and Vox

Johnny- Guitar and Vox

Yesse- Drums, Brother, and Hairdye