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  • 4/25/02 -- Yes, it's true. Mitchell Point is over with. They will play one last show on April, 27th @ the Spring Crawl. It's going to be a really, really great show...please show up and rock out with Mitchell Point one last time. Also, be on the look out for the guys in new bands. I am pretty sure John is moving to Texas, but be looking for Walt, Cody, and Doug to show up in other bands. I probably won't be updating the site anymore, but if I hear anything from the guys about new bands then I will post it here. It's been fun...and this band was extremely awesome, and the guys are great. I wish them all the luck. Thanks for the good times and memories. Rock on! --erin

  • 2/16/02 -- I FINALLY got this site updated with a better layout. I don't have much more information but at least it looks a little nicer. I do have a few things I want to get added to the 'discography' section so be on the lookout for that...and I will be putting up any new info. that I get. I got a polls section up and running so please be sure to take them..oh, and HAPPY 20th B-day TO JOHN ON THE 17TH!! :c)

  • 12/04/01 -- The shows section is updated with 4 upcoming Mitchell Point shows. Make sure to get out and support the guys....and buy a t-shirt! They are awesome. I will post any news I can get from the guys at the first upcoming show I can make. --erin

  • 11/12/01 -- I want to apologize to the Guys in Mitchell Point for the lack of updates to this site. I have not heard a lot about what's going on with them, so at the show on 11/21 I'm gonna talk to them and see what I can find out. I want to stay on top of this site a lot better than I have recently and I again, I am sorry for the lack of updates. Don't forget everybody to go to the show on 11/21....Mitchell Point, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and Pulley......doesn't get much better than that. =] See you at the show! --erin

  • 10/17/01 -- The guys haven't played a show in awhile for they have been hard at work on the upcoming CD. But they will be back in action on 10/25 and there are also other great upcoming shows!!! Go to the Mitchell*Point Shows Page For Updated Shows!!!

  • 10/01/01 -- The show on 10/18/01 has been CANCELLED. The Mad Caddies had to cancel and they're not sure yet if the show will be rescheduled. I'll keep you updated as I hear things. The show on 10/25/01 is still on though.

  • 9/24/01 -- The show on 8/25 at Burt's Tiki Lounge HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!! The guys do have upcoming shows in October, even one with The Mad go to the SHOWS section and check out the dates....then get your asses out there and support Mitchell Point! ;)

  • 8/31/01 -- The Fall Crawl Pictures are up so be sure to check them out! Also, Mitchell*Point will be playing a 21+ show this Saturday, September 1st at The Launchpad for 5 bucks!!!

  • 8/26/01 -- The show last nite at the Fall Crawl was amazing, and Mitchell Point, as always, put on one hell of a show. They played a few new songs, as well as "My Hero", "Forget About Getting Some", "Modern World", and "Closest Friend". I also bought a Mitchell Point shirt and they are very, very nice! well like I said, the guys put on a great much energy......extremely impressive. I just got back the pictures I took from the show, so be looking for them within the next couple of days at the latest. I have over 30 over them, so make sure to check them out! And, everybody drop the guys in Mitchell Point a line telling them how great of a job they did at the Fall Crawl. they get better every time I see them.....amazing.

  • 8/24/01 -- HOLY SHIT! If you missed Mitchell * Point on The Edge this morning, you missed one hell of a good song! It's a new one called "You To Call". I am pretty sure they have played it live before, but it was great to hear the studio verion. Hell yeah, John and Cody sing their hearts out, the drums are sick!, and Doug's bass solo is sweet! Get your asses out to the show on Saturday, and bring money for a Mitchell * Point your support for them....the show is gonna be great. Click here for the lyrics to the new song, "You To Call".

  • 8/16/01 -- The Guestbook is FINALLY fixed and all in order. You can sign and view the new one and view ALL old entries from the former 2 guestbooks from a link on the guestbook page. Damn, I hope this guestbook does a lot better! Please sign it. Thanx.

  • 8/14/01 -- Okay, I got some great news for all you Mitchell Point fans. Some really cool stuff is coming up so make sure to mark your calenders!!! Here's what's going on :

  • Mitchell Point Will be headlining this year's Fall Crawl Line Up @ The Sunshine Theatre on August 25th!! Doors open at 7 PM and Mitchell Point will be playing around 12 AM, but MAKE SURE to get there early!!! Other bands that will be there are Half Guage, Eighty-Six'd, and Last Day Parade. So get there early and support our local bands!!!! The Sunshine Theatre is located at 120 Central Ave. SW. It is very close to the Launchpad. If you need any more information call them at 764-0249, or you can email Me.

  • Also, some really great news is that Mitchell Point will be interviewed on Friday August 24th on 104.7 THE EDGE Radio Station Morning show at 9:00AM. Make sure to listen because when I heard from John about this he said they are planning on taking in one of their upcoming-unreleased songs with them to play! Make Sure to listen!!!

  • Speaking of Upcoming-Unreleased songs, John told me that the new CD should be done around September!!! And Doug told me that they are trying to get their "Forget About Getting Some" EP copyrighted with artwork. He also said they will hopefully have in some Mitchell Point Shirts to sell at the Fall Crawl, but if not they will be available soon! How sick is that? Also they have the Renassaince Skateboard Shirts (which is a company that sponsors the band!) available. Don't be afraid to go up to the guys at the Shows, they are very nice and very cool to talk to...and if you can buy a shirt or a sticker from them to show your support...that would be very cool!

  • So, everybody try and get to the Fall's going to be great! And don't forget to have your radios tuned to 104.7 the Edge on Friday, August 24th at 9AM!!!

  • 8/08/01 -- Hey everybody! Mitchell Point now has 2 songs available for download on If you haven't heard their music yet, get over there and download the songs....even if you have heard them, download the songs anyway because the guys get a little money for each download and every little bit counts! So get to and support them dammit. Here's the link to their page at :
    Mitchell*Point on

  • 7/27/01 -- There is a new guestbook up. The old one was giving people a lot of trouble so I changed servers. You can still view the old guestbook entries through a link on the guestbook page.

  • 7/26/01 -- To clear up the rumor that was started on the Message Board, Mitchell Point Will not be touring with the Ataris This summer. The message was removed from the message board and any further messages starting rumors like that will also be removed. I want to apologize to the guys for the mix up.

  • 7/24/01 -- I have added a survey to the site in order to get a better idea of the people that are stopping by. Please take a few seconds to answer just a few questions. Thanks.

    Click Here To Take The Mitchell Point Survey

  • 7/24/01 -- Okay I just got back from Vermont last night and I am exhausted and totally bummed that I missed the show Friday. Please send in any pics you may have from the show....I would be very greatful! Also if anybody was at the shows in El Paso send those pics in! I would love you forever! Anybody who sends pictures will get credit, of course. Send them to me at MitchellxPoint@aolcom. Thanks everybody.

  • 7/18/01 -- Everybody be sure to wish Doug a happy 19th birthday at this Friday's show [and bring all presents then too! j/k]. His birthday is really Sunday the 22nd, but since you'll be seeing him on Friday tell him then! Or you can send him an email at

  • I'm still looking for people to take some pictures on Friday's show. PLEASE, Please, please let me know if you take some and if you'll let me I'll put them on the site and give you credit. Thank you everybody. Email me at

  • 7/14/01 -- I posted this on the message board but I'm going to post it here in hopes that it will be seen. I have 2 favors to ask! First I will be out of town for my Brother's wedding on the same day of the Show on Friday, July 20th at the Launchpad. I am super, super, super, super bummed about this. If anybody is willing to take some pictures and send them to me for the website that would be totally cool....and of course you will get credit!!! If anybody is willing to do this, or takes pictures and sees this after the show please email me : HERE.

  • Okay the second favor I have to ask is huge. If anybody gets this show on video tape PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE hook me up. I WILL PAY YOU!!!!! Email me with any possibilities HERE. Thank you everybody!

  • 7/12/01 -- The pictures from the Show on 7/10/01 are now up! There are 36 of them so go check them out on the pics page!

  • There is now a Mitchell Point MP3 available on the Lyrics Page. This will give you an idea of how AWESOME this band is!

  • 7/10/01 -- I just got back from the Mitchell Point Show at The Launchpad here in Albuquerque. All I can say is AWESOME show! The kids were really into it and there was a good circle pit going! They played Closest Friend, Forget About Getting Some, Modern World, and a couple of new songs! They are really good! Speaking of new songs....John said that they are in the process of putting their new CD together and to look for it around September!!! It's going to be great! Anyway, I took a lot of pictures so look for new pictures and other cool stuff on the site within the next couple of days!



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