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Marijuana Slang Terms

* - these are "wigger terms"

Aeroponics: Like hydroponics, except the plants roots are suspended in air, and sprayed with a nutrient mixture. This is very very cool, and is the cutting edge of plant growing technology. The results are supposed to be even better than with hydroponic systems.

Ass weed: Weed that stinks like shit or ass.

Attacks: Panic attacks that occur from being on drugs. Usually only happens with new users.

Audio Bud: Certain varieties of bud tend to produce intense audio focusing. Audio Bud is that bud.

Sack: Your bag of weed

Baked: Nicely high

Baker: A person who smokes Marijuana

Bammer: Shake crappy weed

Banger: Dank bud (really good bud)

Bean: A Marijuana seed.

Beanie: A Blunt

Beasties: Huge marijuana buds. ex: "Woah, those are some beasties"

Bhang: The leaves and stems, and sometimes the fruit of the marijuana plant, in India. Bhang is a weaker mixture than ghanja and chara

Bitched: Same thing as cashed and dusted, when the bowl is all ash.

Binger: A hit from the bong.

Blow-Back: The same as a Shotgun

Blunt: When you take a cigar, cut it open, and fill it with weed. You then reseal it, and smoke it. It is a really good way to smoke a lot of weed.

Bogart: v. To use selfishly. ex: "Dont bogart the bowl!" or "Quit bogartin' the munchies!"

Bong: A water pipe used to smoke marijuana.

Bong Juice: The water in a bong, tastes and smells like the worst shit in the world.

Bong Stand: leaving the bong on the ground and hitting it while doing a hand stand, and having some one else light it. You must stay upside-down until you exhale in order to complete the move. Blood rushes to your head giving you an instant head-rush when you get back down as well as getting you really messed up.

Bowl: A bowl on a pipe or bong.

Box-Dealing: The process of rolling shake joints and storing them in a box containing fresh buds to give them the odor of real bud to be sold as bud joints.

Bubbler: A smaller bong. It uses much less water, and can look like Sherlock pipe, or many other different designs. Its designed to be much more compact.

Bud: The flowering part of the marijuana plant. It contains the most THC in the plant, and is almost always the only part that is smoked.

Buds: The dried flower and small leaves of a Marijuana plant.

Bud-Raping: To harvest and smoke any part of the marijuana plant before the plant has matured and flowered.

Buzzed: This means you are kind of high. If your not quite high, then your buzzed.

Cannabinoid: The active ingredients in cannabis which produce the psychoactive effects, these include among others THC. One cannabidiol (CBD) is a THC antagonist.

Cannabis Americana: "American Hemp" Cultiva of cannabis bred early this century by pharmaceutical companies seeking a more potent form. Cannabis found in the U.S.

Cannabis Indica: "Indian Hemp" Variety of cannabis originating from the Indian subcontinent, all other forms of cannabis stem from this.

Cannabis Sativa: The most common weed found. This weed originated from South America (i'm pretty sure) and is a more stoned/blazed high, where-as the Indica high is more mellow but equally as good.

Capers: Kind buds, dank, high grade bud, whatever you want to call it.

Cashed: If the bowl is all burnt through, its cashed. ex: "This bowl is cashed".

Carb: The hole found on pipes and bongs, it allows you to clear the chamber that is found on these devices. You hold your finger over it while smoking the device, and let go when you want to clear it.

*Chronic: Exactly like kind bud. Its really, really good bud, and it should get you very very high.

Chewed: When your REALLY messed up

Clam Bake: When you sit inside an enclosed place (like a car, a small room, etc.) and smoke up. You will breathe in the smoke in the air, as well as through whatever your smoking out of. Once you get out of the place into fresh air, it hits you real hard and you become really high.

Creeper-weed: MJ that takes a while to hit you, so that about ahalf hour after you smoke a few doobs, you end up saying something like "hey, this stuff isn't workin--whoah...and you fall over"

Commersh: Low grade marijuana. Usually 7% or less THC. Name refers to "commercial". This makes sense because commersh weed is made in large quantities, and less care can be taken for them, so the plants produce shitty buds. Variations- Mersh, Mershal, Commercial.

Dime: $10 worth of marijuana.

*Dank: High quality weed. Can be expensive depending on where you live. (if its expensive at all you live in the US)

Doobie: Marijuana cigarette, usually larger than a joint.

Doobage: Used any time when referring to the smoking, making, or getting of a nice big joint (a doobie). ex: "Lets get some doobage goin on" or "Lemme smoke some of that doobage"

Dope: An old term that refers to weed. It died down kind of like the term's "grass" and "pot".

*Dusted: Same as cashed.

*Elbow: A pound of weed.

Fear (the): The fear is the paranoia people get from drugs. This paranoia/worry, can lead to a bad trip (if your on acid or shrooms) so dont worry! When you get the fear, just chill out, trust in the fact that you'll be fine.

Fried: This term can refer to both an acid high, or a good weed high.

Ganja: Marijuana (esp Jamaica)

Ganoobies (Guh-nu-beez): The state of being stoned and laughing uncontrollably or being really stupid.

Gotti: A huge blunt.

Ghosting a Hit: When you hold in your hit so long that when you exhale, there is no smoke.

Grafting: To re-plant a flowering marijuana branch cut just below the leaflet

Grass: Marijuana.

Green: Marijuana. Ex. "You got any green?"

Gravity Bong: A bong that uses a bucket, a bottle, and a pipe. You smoke it using air pressure, and can take enormous hits because of its design, easily.

Half-O: A half ounce of marijuana.

Hash: See Hashish

Hashish: A Marijuana product collected from the resins and flowers of cannabis that can be formed into cakes or made into a thick liquid, used as a more potent form of Marijuana.

Hash Oil: Very potent oil, up to 99% THC (only if one goes through the steps with the acetone, ether, petroleum ether, and sulfuric acid does it become that potent) that is made by stripping the THC off the buds and into a solution.

Heat Score: Someone who stands out in a crowd of stoners (in a paranoid bad way). Its not good to have these people around when cops are nearby.

Hemp: Fibers made from the male marijuana plant. These fibers can be used to make paper, rope, and other useful common things.

Hell Hit: This is when, instead of the bowl just cherrying up like normal, it bursts into flames (not really, just kinda lights on fire)

Herb: Marijuana

Herbonium: (her-bOne-ee-yum) Marijuana if it was on the periodic table of elements Ex: "Herbonium, pure herbonium" or "How's your herbonium, fine thank-you"

Hit: See toke.

Hookah: A device that resembles a bong, but it usually doesn't have a carb. Hookah's are almost always designed for 2 or more people, and you suck out of a tube instead of the traditional method.

Hoot: A hit

Hot-Boxing: When you sit inside an enclosed place (like a car, a small room, etc.) and smoke up. You will breathe in the smoke in the air, as well as through whatever your smoking out of. Once you get out of the place into fresh air, it hits you real hard and you become really high. Same thing as clam baking.

Hot-knifing: A hit that is produced by putting resin or hash oil between two burning hot knifes. You breathe in the smoke that results.

Hydroponics: MA method of growing marijuana with a pumping system and pipes, and no soil. You basically give your plant a constant feed of nutrient filled water, and it usually grows better plants, faster.

"I wanna talk to Samson!": From the movie Half Baked, saying you want weed.

Jail House Style: A tobacco/bud cigarette.

*J-Bill: A crisp legal-tender, used to aid rolling a joint.

James Bong: n. the best bong ever built home-made. v. beating up James bong ie: hitting him, you may think you've won but he packs a wallop of a hit!!

*Jay, or J: a joint

Joint: A marijuana cigarette.

Kabak: Marijuana (esp Turkish )

Keef: The crystals that come off of marijuana bud. You can take freshly cured buds, and use a razor blad to scrape off the crystals, and smoke it. It is extremely potent. You can otherwise make a keef box, which collects the crystals that fall when you break up buds onto a mirror.

Keef Box: A box that has a slide-out mirror on the bottom, and a very fine screen on top. If you break up your buds (when packing bowls or whatever) over this box, the crystals (nothing bigger, anything larger should be filtered by the screen on top) will fall onto the mirror. When enough of these crystals build up, you can slide out the mirror, scrape the crystals off and put them on a bowl. It messes you up.

*Kicker: Dank bud (really good bud)

Kif: A mix of tobacco and marijuana (North African)

*L: A blunt

Light Weight: Someone who gets stoned real easily.

*Kind Bud: Very high quality bud. Usually expensive. Its the equivalent of shit from Amsterdam.

Marijuana: The Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, or Cannabis American plant that produces THC saturated buds.

Moon (going to the): getting, hig, baked or stoned.

Moon Juice: a common term used to describe marijana, Ex:"Let's go drink so moon juice."

Moon munchies: Zoomers or shrooms.

Munchies: The state of becoming acutely hungry while stoned, not always related to being physically hungry, but more a craving for junk food.

Nickle: $5 worth of marijuana.

Nigger-Lipping: When you and friends are smoking a joint, and the roach or the end of the joint gets wet from saliva. (forgive the racism, as it is real slang)

Node: Node are the little nooks that are formed where a marijuana leaf comes out of the main trunk of the plant.

*Nugga Nooch: A large nug of marijuana, taken from the movie "clerks"

One-Hitter: Small pipe with cavity for carrying enough bud for just one hit.

One Hitter Quitter: Pot that is so good, that one hit should mess you up to the point where you dont need to smoke anymore

Ounce or O: An ounce of pot.

Paggered: Completely fucked up, your gone.

Party Foul: Among other things, spilling the bong juice (smells REALLY bad.)

Passing Seconds: Shot-Gunning smoke.

Pipe: A means of smoking marijuana or tobacco. There's no way to explain it, look at a picture. See Picture

Pot: Marijuana.

Pullin a squirrel: blowing up or passing out.

Abba-Zabba: Good weed, mans other best friend

*5-0: Bud seeking pig

Power Hit: An especially good hit.

Power or Party Bong: A bong in which more than one person can hit at a time.

*Quad: Quarter Ounce of marijuana.

Quarter: One quarter ounce of marijuana.

QP: A quarter pound of Marijuana.

Reefer: Marijuana

Red Eye: This is a way of smoking. A few people sit in a circle,

Resin: The gunk that is left in a pipe or bong bowl after pot has been smoked in it. You can scoop this out and smoke it, it tastes nasty but it fucks you up.

Resin hit: A hit that consist of just resin no Marijuana. Do this and you know your an addict.

Rez: Short for resin or Indian reserve in Canada.

Roach: Butt of a marijuana cigarette.

Roach clip: Device designed to hold a burning marijuana butt.

Rookie: Someone who has just started smoking weed

Score: v. To find pot to buy.

Sensimillia: Potent form of marijuana made by preventing fertilization of a female plant.

Session: A smoking session of Marijuana.

Sessionize: v. The act of having a session.

Shake: The leaves or parts of leaves that fall off of the buds andare left in the bottom of the bag or marijuana which has been cleaned of seeds and stems.

*Shwag: Shit weed

Shot-gunning: Blowing a hit into someone elses mouth. You can also do this through a straw, or even blow the hit into a 2 liter bottle, then have someone else take it.

"Skunk-weed": A very aromatic Marijuana that is potent.

Skyhoot: The Bong-Hitter has to stand up and quickly breathe in and out for 30 seconds (similar to hyperventilating) and once he takes a deep monster hit, someone grabs the tokers' chest and holds it while that toker holds his/her arms out in a T shape. The person holding the toker holds until he is lifeless and passes out. He will then wake up in a daze that leaves him with blurry vision, slightly deaf, and confused for about a minute. (Watch out for brain damage here, always make sure the person passing out is safe)

Smoke: v. To inhale smoke. exam: "You gonna smoke that?"

Smoke Free Toke: Same thing as ghosting a hit, when you hold it in so long that no smoke comes out when you exhale.

*Sneaker Weed: Same thing as Creeper weed, ya think its not working and then it hits you hard.

Spark: v. To light a joint or bowl. exam: "hey, you gonna spark that bowl?"

Spliff: European style marijuana cigarettes. They are conical and have roaches.

Stall Warning: When a person is taking to long to take a hit you say "stall warning" as a sign that they are stalling the rotation and need to hurry up.

Stash: One's personal store of Marijuana.

Steam Roller: Basically its a bong without water. You can construct a makeshift steam roller by taking a pipe, putting it into the side of a toilet paper roll, then smoking out of it, using the other end of the toilet paper roll as a carb.

Stoned: Intense marijuana intoxication.

Stoner: A person who smokes pot.

Stoney: adj. Something that would be enjoyable while being stoned or being in a mood that is like being stoned.

*Ten-Chunk: $10 of weed.

Toasted: nicely toasted, being baked, fried or high.

Toke: A puff of marijuana smoke one inhales.

*Tuwamp: $20 of bud.

Über Bowl: A bowl packed with high quality bud, keef, and hash.

Utilization: the act of smoking from a smoking device, can be used as a compliment ex: "Nice utilization man."

Vegging: The action of no-action, usually while severely stoned.

Wake-n-bake: Smokin the Marijuana in the morning after waking up. Gets you really toasted.

Weed: Marijuana

Zoned: The look someone gets where they seem like they're in another world, and reality becomes quite fucked up.

Zoning: Staring off into space when you are stoned.