Story Time!!

Hey there everyone, In case u don't know name is Well for this week, my name is JESUS, now, this is a story about me... One day my mother, her name was mary, but people called her the town WHORE, anyway, one day, she went out, and she got on the camel and was looking for a dick to fuck...then she saw a man. people called him god.. so they got together and fucked...9 months later i pop out of the loose bitch....yada yada yada...few years go by.. and i start to loose my mind...i say to myself "now im the son of god everyone should bow b4 me" but i didnt mean for people to think that god was a super natural being...he was a real man that fucked my mom. he just abandoned mom virgin mary is no virgin...she's actually a slut...and me JESUS I AM THE SON OF GOD BOW DOWN B4 ME B4 I SLAUGHTER YOU!!!!

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