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FREE Sonique MP3 Player

  FREE Sonique MP3 Player  


-Full-featured playlist editor

-Supports numerous audio formats, CD including MP3 and CD audio.

-Can replace Windows CD player

-Supports Streaming MP3 (Icecast, Shoutcast, etc.)

-Contextual help system

-Extensive skin support

-Modular architecture with support for both audio and visual plug-ins

-Several built-in visualizations with support for more via Sonique's plug-in system

-CD player-like control set plus pitch adjusting

-Jog/Shuttle control

-Equipped with STARDUST™ MPEG Audio Decoder

-Online capabilities including online update, music search, and direct access to the Sonique music distribution site

-A complete set of audio controls (20-band equalizer, balance, pitch, etc.)

-Dynamic windowless interface design

-Fully animated menu systems

Thanx to Angelfire