Ok, everything has been torn down, and I am now prepared to recreate the site from scratch. I know, to too many see it, but I feel that it is my duty to try and get the truth out to people. So, this page will serve as a news page for now. I will try and update daily if possible. The guestbook still works though. Sign it here and just view it here.

That is all.


Alrighty everyone, or anyone? I have put into motion a new version of the website that will kick some major ass quite soon. The LSM will be no more and soon in its place will be a mecca for political discussion and speculation. So, I will start it with a little bit of commentary from myself.


That is all.

anti right wing anti facist anti unilateralism george bush political anarchy anti flag we have a voice anti war stop the war plans on iraq logansport indiana