Site Updates

Site Updates

3/6/02 News update and some link changes on the link page. I do have some people pending to go onto the fanlist but I'm not doing it tonight. Sorry its been a while but I've had my university exams!!

25/4/02 Some news added and another 4 to the fanlist. I know the promised photos and site update is long time coming, but I frankly havent had time. I promise it will come though.

05/04/02 A couple of new sites added to the links page and some of the site reviews up-dated. Small news update. Too busy to do any kind of major haul-over just now, maybe one day soon.

29/03/02 Again just news. I know the picture page is down, its bravenet playing up. Will upload some pictures soon.

24/03/02 Just a wee news update. Things will get more exciting when the new album hits the street, I promise you.

13/03/02 A wee news update the other day thanks to Starlover keeping her eyes peeled. Thats really all there is to report just now. The Bravenet utilities are working again just now, having been down for the best part of a week. However, I'm considering changing a lot of them to something a bit better. Will see how it goes.

05/03/02 Its all been very quiet on the King Adora front while they record some new material hense the lack of new updates. Today I added a few people to the fan list, added a new tab (thanks to Ian) and a few new links. Also had to put a notice on the main page that Bravenet utilities are not working. That includes the fanlist form, the Buy/Sell page and a few other bits and bobs. Fingers crossed all this will be working again soon. I am currently planning a bit of a huge html overhaul to get the site how I want it once and for all. But this takes time and time is money in this day and age.

17/02/02 Again nothing but a small few tweaks. The King Adora Site Ring link has been added to the intro page, a few more to the fanlist page, a few more banners taken down but thats about it. I dont have the time or the inclination for a major overhaul just now.

23/01/02 Nothing exciting happening. The really observant among you would have noticed a few tweaks here and there and more members to the fanlist but thats really it. Oh and the message forum link has changed for those who link striaght to it and dont read my journalistic wit on the main page.

8/01/02 Happy New Year to you all. Just a quick update to say that the Message Forum is now working again (cheers Welbs) and as you may or may not notice the banners have gone off the site too (well some of them, I'll do the rest later)! This is thanks to information from Meni, so thanks very much. Now that they are gone you may see a more adventurous web design appear in the next few months. Today nothing more exciting than a few more to the fan list and some disappearing banners.

23/12/01 Lots happening! A news update, the interview transcript added, a new image section with live photos, FAQ updated, poll changed, three more fans to the fan list, link page update and more to come in the following weeks. Have great Christmas.

17/12/01 A quick update in the news and a COMPETITION page added. More to come in the next few weeks including

Competition winner announced
Live Photographs
Interview Transcript
Set List Details
FAQ Update
And much more...

06/12/01 Some news added to the main page. The forum is down just now due to the web space being strange. Working on it and fingers crossed it will be back soon.

26/11/01 New gig added to the main news page and to the gigs page, thanks to Damon for that one. Also another fan added to the fan page and some of the old news archived. Thats it really.

21/11/01 New gig added to the Gigs Page and a wee news update. Still struggling with the old forum.

19/11/01 Nothing happening just now so nothing really happening on the website. I'm very sorry that the forum is down just now, doing everything we can to get it working again. One added to the fan page and a wee news update, thats it.

09/11/01 Fixed a few humourous mistakes on page including a link to porn on the fan page (dont even ask) and the wrong day of the week down for the gigs this month. Also a wee news update.

02/11/01 New fans to fan page

29/10/01 News page and gigs page. Oh and of course this page. Thats all folks.

18/10/01 News and another to the ever growing fan list.

17/10/01 Big news update and some more questions added to the FAQ. I'm sorry that nothing exciting is happening to the site just now but time is short. I'll do my best to get a new picture section up at Christmas.

04/10/01 Wee news updates and another person to the fan list. I'm too busy living in the fast lane at uni to update!! Running out of money though so will have my undivided attention soon.

22/09/01 Nothing much. A small news update and a couple more people to the fan list.

15/09/01 Having returned from a fortnights holiday I find that not very much has been happening. So the only updates are a new TAB added (thanks Ian) and a little news update stolen from

31/08/01 A very quick news update and thats really it. I'm heading off for two weeks in the sun tonight so nothing will be happening here until I get back. Have a nice summer folks.

21/08/01 A WHITEBOARD has now been added which lets users play online games (check out tank wars!) and draw to each other online. Tis quite good fun. Other than that nothing.

18/08/01 FAQ section now up containing all the exclusive news about FNE. Also slight lyric ajustments to the lyrics for Saffron and White Noise Babies and a new contact page. Apart from that just a quick news update and thats it. 12/08/01 Lots of 'back' buttons added. New sections added to the 'Band Members' page and the bands email addresses. New link in the links page. Lyrics for the FNE b-sides released. Exclusive news released.

11/08/01 A quick news update. A FAQ secton will be up in the next week or so AND the answers to some burning questions will be answered tommorrow in light of my interview with Maxi yesterday.

06/08/01 OK it may not LOOK like much has changed but really lots has. Due to my terrible organisational skills this website was 'somewhat' badly filed. So I spent today shifting everything. As a result there may be a few links not working - if you find any could you email me and tell me. I also rewrote the discography page to make it load better and faster. Plans for this week include getting the lyrics for the Friday Night Explodes b-sides typed up and the image section changed. As a result the image section MAY be down for a few days while I re-gig it. Small changes today included a pic of me in the fans page, a new TAB and a new chat room link.

05/08/01 A news update, some new gigs added to the gigs page and ehh..this page. By the time anyone reads this the discography should have been updated too. OH and theres a few new TABS.

28/07/01 Firstly I must say sorry to anyone trying to access the message forum recently who has been getting a software error message. The link was needing updated but due to Angelfire changing its main page I didn't have access to the editor to change the link. All is sorted now. Also on the Fans page there is now a form to join the list. Other than that all quiet.

22/07/01 As I type our top technical team (i.e. Welbs) is setting up a new message forum. Sadly it was impossible to save the old one although we did try. Fingers crossed it should be up and running NOW.

21/07/01 Big news update but thats it because I'm ill. Continuing to try and come to some sort of conclusion about the message forum which is currently down due to the webspace it is on no longer being able to support it (boycott freedom to surf!!!!) for various reasons. I'm working on it with Welbs so hopefully fixed over the weekend.

09/07/01 New TAB added to TAB site and links section updated to include the pages of contributors. Due to lack of sleep thats all today.

05/07/01 Just a news update today.

03/07/01 New sections!! Due to the sad demise of Empty Love *sob**sob* James donated the content to this page. So there is now a 'fans' page taken from the old site. Pictures and more discography to come. I also made a guitar TAB section because I thought it was about time. News updated and thats all I think.

29/06/01 New news, updated links and a few new images. Nothing exciting really, I'm sorry.

17/06/01 Added a new link to the section and some new photographs to the gallery. There seems to be no news worth mentioning so no update there.

12/06/01 Today I updated the news, re-reviewed the links in the Links Page and added some new ones. I also added some new live pictures which you can see HERE. At the bottom of the navigation bar on the main news page I have now added a link to a notify list. Basically whenever there are major updates to the site I will email everyone on the list, I promise not to spam. Thats really all there is. On-going work from Welbs to keep the Discussion Forum working.

01/06/01 Now in the lyrics section there is the lyrics to every released King Adora song. I attempted to transcribe 'Freak' and 'Don't Trust the Ones You Love' but in the end I just had to copy Shirtlifting who had managed to decode most of it. So all the lyrics are now there, news updated and the gigs page is up to date now.

30/05/01 With the help of the Vibrate You CD insert I managed to correct all the terrible lyric mistakes in the songs that are on the album. I don't know what kind of state the B-sides are in but I'll check them later.

26/05/01 Great struggles with the Discussion Group. Thanks to the skill of Welby (thanks!) there is another forum under the same link now working.

21/05/01 Live pictures added under the images link. Discography and news updated to include debute album details.

17/05/01 Bionic release added to news. Also discography updated to include Bionic. Pages created for the addition of the B-side lyrics but as of yet I've had no time to transcribe them.

09/05/01 Interview from the Venue is now added under the new Interview link on the main page. As I'm tired thats it for today.

08/05/01 The discussion forum is now up and running so please register and join!! Also today I added the artwork for the new single and album to the images section. I managed to get the interview transcribed last night but I havent written the html to put it on the site yet. I'll do that either tonight or tommorrow. Also news update and I'm putting "back" links on to the pages.

29/04/01 I'm in the middle just now of trying to get a new Discussion Forum working but its causing me some problems. When its finished and working its going to be good but till then its not so hot. You can have a look at whats there by following the Discussion Forum link on the main page but I very much doubt it will work for you. However, with the help of my expert advisor (cheers Welby)it should be up and running soon. Other than that I dont plan to do much to the site today. There is a html overhaul in the pipeline (thanks to James for the help with this one)but I dont have time for it today.

21/04/01 Today has been mostly a tidy up I guess. The most major update was the Links page with more links added, broken ones removed and small reviews put in. The rest is just a tidy up really, trying to make everything look how I want it.

13/04/01 (again just after midnight) I've just done a four hour stint at the site and finally think I'm getting somewhere. Todays updates include - new pictures, web counter fixed, contact page re-written, members page re-written, links updated, index page alphabeticalised, pages tidyed and this page written just now. And now I sleep. Enjoy.

12/04/01 (just after midnight) I have just spent a solid 6 hours updating. Gallary is there now but I still need to add the pictures. Lyrics and things brought up to date with the new releases and news/links/reviews added. Over the next week images will be added too but now I must sleep.

11/04/01 I've been promising it for a long time and today I intend to deliever - the big update day is today. As I type this I am running pages to try and teach myself how to write a html gallary. So if you click the gallary link and it works then you know I managed!! If not give me a week and it will. Some news updates, some pictures, updated discography and much more is planned for today. Wish me luck.

29/12/00 (late at night) At last I have got some exciting updates. There is now a MESSAGE FORUM, a CHAT ROOM and a TRADE/SELL PAGE. I beg you all to use them considering the time it took me to make them!! There is also now a POLL. Again, a few tweaks throughout and a major overhaul is in the pipeline.

29/12/00 Again a few little tweaks here and there and some major editing done to the Band member page and the History page. I wrote those pages while drunk and had forgotten about how terrible they were till a friend (you know who you are) noticed them and reminded me. So now the worst of it is fixed.

21/12/00 A few little tweaks to the appearance of a few pages, links updated, new news added and image links added but as yet no images in yet.

20/12/00 This page is created!! All the old site update information is moved off the main news page into here and I'll think you'll agree it looks much better now. New reviews added and some new links in the Links Page

16/12/00 Reviews are added now. Please email me if find anymore I have missed. Also don't miss out on the chance to write your own!! I hope to have images added before Christmas so if anyone has any they would like to see published please email them to me in the near future.

14/12/00 As fair as the site goes I have now put the lyrics in and would be most grateful if anyone could tell me if I've made any classic lyric mistakes.

11/12/00 Well finally, after playing around with the site for a while I seem to have found a format that works so I'm sticking to it.

10/12/00 Please hang in there just now with broken links and the like, Im trying very hard to get everything fixed and filled.

7/12/00 Well today I finally got the majority of the site up and running in a fashion. I know its pretty naff and empty but give me a few weeks. Any contributors would be most welcome...