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10/6/02 Some new gig dates announced.
Horsham Park: Friday 14 June 2002 - Shed Seven/King Adora/Oom. Doors open at 6pm, King Adora on stage at 7:40pm. Tickets 12.50/10 (01403 268689).
University of Lancaster 25th June
Eden Festival 10th August

3/06/02 Sorry it has taken me so long to get the following information onto the site, but you have to appreciate that I had to confirm it was true before I said anything. So I would like to confirm the rumour that King Adora HAVE been dropped from their recording company Superiour Quality Records and that Hall or Nothing are no longer dealing with their PR. However, the band would like to reassure their fans that they do not want to split up and are looking at setting up their own record label to release some new material. I will keep you posted on all developments as they happen.

30/04/02 The forum will be down until about 12 this afternoon to allow work to be done on the server.

25/04/02 There has been a new gig announced for the 14th of June in Horsham, West Susex - "bring it on home" tickets are priced at 12.50 and avaliable by phoning 01403 268689.

23/04/02 Maxi will be DJing at The Stay Beautiful Club on the 27th of April. Stay Beautiful is now moving to a monthly SATURDAY night, so to celebrate this they have asked Maxi back. Earlier in the evening, there will also be a set from Jamie Mearns, who runs a club night in Cambridge called Retro Electro.

05/04/02 There is a lot of different rumours flying around just now about singles, albums and tours. Sadly I can't as yet confirm anything for you so I won't. As soon as dates become avaliable they will be put up on the site. Sadly no transcript of the recent online chat is avaliable due to problems with the official page chat browser.

29/03/02 The below gig at The Jug of Ale has been changed to the 11th of April. Old tickets are valid for the new date. The band also took part in a live web-chat from the Official Page last night. As yet we havent got a transcript but hopefully one will be up in the next few days.

24/03/02 There will be a suprise gig on April 1st at The Jug of Ale, 43 Alcester Rd, Moseley, Birmingham. Band on stage at 9pm and tickets are priced 5 and are available from Swordfish Records, Temple Street, Birmingham (0121 633 4859) or at the door.

11/03/02 Press release from the official site
Adora Update
Ok. It's been a while but things are going into overdrive people!!!! The Band are going backwards and forwards to london and Birmingham at the moment Refining the demo's for the new Album and..........wait for it, Going in to record the Album in 2 weeks time !!!!! All the new Live dates will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks.

05/03/02 Please note that the Bravenet resources are not avaliable just now (classified ads, counter etc) as their server is down. They assure me that it will be up and running as again as soon as possible.

6/02/02 Information about the band Kinesis' (who recently supported King Adora on tour and are signed to the same record label) new release can be seen Here.

23/12/01 This statement has been issued by the band. Statement 18/12/01 Just a huge thankyou to all who came and supported us last week and indeed over the last year. We hope to be touring in feb to back a new single. the sets will be longer and we promise good healthy rock n roll for all. any rumours floating around suggesting we are splitting up are ridiculous. we''re not going anywhere. we are currently recording the new single and are all very poorly to boot. thankyou all for touching our lives so beautifully. happy christmas. we love you maxi,robbie,nelsta,dan x x x x

The transcript of the interview is now in the Interview Section and dont forget about the competition! Many updates here today, for all the details see the site update page.

18/12/01 I forgot to say the new single is most likely going to be Toyko Honey and will be out in January with a tour in February to support the new album. Rumours about the band having been dropped from their record label are not true.

17/12/01 The gig at King Tut's on Saturday was brillant, thanks to all involved. The interview went ahead and will be transcribed here within the next week or so. Also live photos will appear soon and the setlist! Just to get into the Christmas mood, from today the great King Adora Land give-away competition is launched. Click HERE or follow the link above to enter. Finally thanks to the band, the PR and tour management people - I'll see you all down the Cathouse again next time!

06/12/01 The support for the up-and-coming gigs will be Kinesis. You can see their Web Page here or view their first interview (in bandwatch) here. Their mini album is "Worship Yourself" and if you want a sneak preview they are on Radio 1 Evening Session tonight at around 9.30pm. Sorry the forum is still down, we are doing everything we can to get it up and running soon. I am still looking for questions to ask the band at the up and coming interview so if you have any please email them to robynebray@yahoo.co.uk

26/11/01 Another new gig date has been added to the ever expanding current tour! Its on Friday 7th December at The Rex, 361-373, High street, Stratford. King Adora are headlining with King Prawn and Number One Son supporting. Tickets are 8 in advance and 6 with NUS, doors open at 7.30. Ticket avaliable from Ticket Web Thanks to Damon for the info

21/11/01 A new gig has been announced, added to the four already released dates which you can see on the Gigs Page . The details of the new gig are that the gig is at the Metropolis Lounge in Peterbrough on Thursday November 22nd. Tickets 5.00, Doors 8.00 pm, Support 9.00pm, King Adora on stage 10.00pm!!

19/11/01 King Adora Land will be doing an exclusive interview with the band at their up and coming Glasgow gig. If you want any questions answered could you please email them to robynbray@hotmail.com or robynebray@yahoo.co.uk. I am sorry to say the forum is still down at the moment, we are working to get it up and running again as soon as possible.

09/11/01 All very quiet. The Live in Birmingham session went out on the radio and let us all hear the first peak of the new material including "Tokyo Honey" and a few others. In December King Adora Land will have an inclusive interview with the band so if you have any questions you would like to see answered email me at robynbray@hotmail.com and I will do my best to get them all answered. Finally (sorry it took so long) here is the link for the webchat that went out HERE

29/10/01 New gig dates have been released and can be seen on The Gigs Page. The Official Page has also now been updated and is worth a look (finally!)

18/10/01 The band have released this staement through the official web page (Thanks Starlover)
Dear Stunners. Thought we'd drop you a line to explain our disappearance since the Reading weekend. We have just completed a seventeen track demo for our darling record company of which we expect the majority of to be included on our next album. We are delighted with how the songs have turned out and will showcase four of them at our radio one gig on the 31st in Birmingham. We know you'll like them so just jump up and down and pretend you've heard them. We hope to see you there as withdrawl effects from not playing are intense. We miss you all so much. There will also be 4 dates in December: the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London and three as yet unconfirmed dates; although they will probably take place in Manchester, the Midlands?, and somewhere in Scotland. Sorry if thats a bit random but then I always am. Details will appear soon. On a personel level we''ve been off the drink for a few weeks to insure we can be looking good for you all at the gigs ( lapsing back into heroin chic may occur v soon though ). There are plans for a radio one session, a single in the new year and obvious world domination also in the pipeline. Things have never been more exciting for us and we promise you bigger and better things starting from now. We love you all and can't wait to catch up with you. Stay beautiful and take care. king adora x x x x x xx x

17/10/01 KING ADORA LIVE AT THE BIRMINGHAM SANCTUARY, DIGBETH HIGH ST - WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31ST. Also going out on Radio 1 from 8pm. This gig will be supported by American Hi-fi and others yet to be announced. If you have tickets for the cancelled Weezer gig at The Q Club, return them to the point of purchase for a refund. You want to do this because they are not valid for the Sanctuary show!

Tickets for the new show are priced at 10.00 and are avaliable from www.gigsandtours.com or by calling 0870-333-1123 or 0115-912-9000. Anyone aged 14-18 must be accompanied by an adult, no under 14's allowed.

If you can't make it to Birmingham you can still get a taste of King Adora on Tuesday 23 Oct at 8.30pm when they are doing a live webchat on the Radio One Birmingham site Send your questions to radio1.webteam@bbc.co.uk