If you would like you web site added to this page please e-mail the webmistress at robynbray@hotmail.com If any of the below links don't work could you please email me and I'll try and find out whats wrong.

Offical Pages

The Offical King Adora Page - Slow to load and usually quite out of date. Not a bad starting point though for the new fan.
The Record Label - Slightly dated band info and a shop to buy newer KA releases.
The Publicity Group - Very good site for bang up to date information and press releases.

Other Unoffical pages

Kingadora.cjb.net - Re-designed, new look to site. Better now, up-to-date news.
King Adora (dot) co (dot) uk - Claims to be still under-construction but no change since November last year
Sweet Anorexia - Good site, with lots of things to browse through.
Massive Ego - Very detailed webzine with masses and masses of information and news.
Beckie's King Adora Site - Good site, frequent updates and a very good image collection.
Bionic Fanzine - Information on how to get the paper fanzine but thats all.
Listen to Kingadora Not a bad site but sometimes a little dated. Good images.
Bionic - Laid out really well but still quite empty. Some tab.
Shirtlifting - A little known site with some good info and news.
Smoulder - Nicely laid out site, good links page and lots of info.
King Adora Fans - Site dedicated to the FANS. Appears to be down at present, maybe forever.
Love Junk - Again a nice layout and lots of good information.
True Love Dies Young - A very new site. Still quite empty as its under construction. Some guitar tab.
Chemical Lovebite Veeeerrryyyy slow to load, but when you get there its very pretty.
Cooler Hula Hips Very new site. Looks good though.
King Adora World A new site with good links and up-to-date news.
Vibrate You A site mainly in Japanese with some English titles.
Shout & Scream A new site with the first fan fiction I've come across!
Absolute Starfuck You have to email the owner for a password to enter this site. I refuse to so i don't know.
Vibrated Very very strange. 'Own' a virtual piece of KA. May take off?
King Adora Site Not much here yet but still under construction.
Oxfam-Glamour A new site that looks promising. Lots of good information and well set out.
King Adora Site Newly updated, this site contains a great collection of MP3s.

King Adora Groups

Super Muff Divers - Message board, pictures, links and more. Thriving community.
E-Groups KA Group - My personal favorite group. Frequent posts from the PR people as well as fans.
Big Isn't Beautiful - Again a good, well laid out group.

Related Group Websites

Official Crackout site - They supported KA so here their webpage
Official Easyworld site - Ditto!
Manic TAB - TAB site of a contributor to the KA TAB section.
State of the Nation New band which state King Adora as an influence.

Music sites featuring King Adora

Violently Happy - Good images and bits on King Adora and other yummy bands.
Spilt Sour Milk Quite slow to load. Dedicated to up and coming bands.
King Adora @ The Priorities Pages about various bands but this link takes you start to the KA bit. Lots of tab.
Five Miles High Excellent rock resource page featuring King Adora