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Full Lenght On CDR

Fled (How Statues Try To Get Out Of Solitude) (Winter 2004) CDR on Brise-Cul Records (SADE015)
12 songs, 42 minutes of noise on an handmade half-pro slim package CDR (brise-cul style!!!) Exploring the true nature of Foutredieu!!!'s dichotomic noise
Songs from it : 1- Évasion – 1:57 2- Collection of Statue – 1:45 3- Aucun Attachement – 4:51 (Tr. – No Attachment) 4- Et si… - 1:10 (Tr. – And If…) 5- With the help of my friend Caffeine – 2:27 6- Avortex – 1:20 7- Fuir – 7:26 (Tr. Flee) 8- Free as myself – 3:01 (remixed version of the track ”I Heard Songs about being free aren’t cool anymore” featured on Noise Sux 2 comp.) 9- A part of Eternity – 0:59 10- You are lost in eternity – 3:18 11- Following 47,48 and 53 - 3 :21 12- Vous ne m’attraperez jamais… - 8:33 (Tr. You will never catch me)
Recorded summer 2003, released february 2004

A-402 (My Own Prison) (FALL 2002) CDR on Brise-Cul Records (SADE006)
11 songs, 30 minutes of noise on an handmade half-pro slim package CDR
Songs from it : unnamed songs # 1 to 10 is the A-402 album, the other song (track 11) is a Bonus track, Balada from François Villon

Recorded fall 2002, released november 2004

Noizuja (A jazz tribute quintology) (May 2002)CDR on Brise-Cul Records (SADE004)
5 songs, 32 minutes of noise on an handmade half-pro slim package CDR
Songs from it : Straight Birth Of The Blue Change; En Avant La Zizik; Blue-Notes Self Abuse; 68 Chandelles Pour Saint-Germains-Des-Prés; Recuperation (Straight death Of The Blue Change)

Recorded may 2002, released july 2003

Mullet It Be (early 2002)CDR on Brise-Cul Records(SADE002)
14 songs, 46 minutes of noise on an handmade packaged CDR
Songs from it : Statique ; How I Realised That Paul McCartney Is One Of The Most Known Mullet(Mullet It Be); Ten Nose And One Toe ; Chronos Terrorism ; The Ideological Lie At It's Origin Can Never Be Revealed ; Slavery Through Everyday Life ; Calisota (or "Excuse Me Donald Dick For Not Being Part Of Your Elite"); Salsalienation Through Anal Sex; How I Discovered That My Favourite Food Is Plastic; Oh My God! Thy Soul Is Full Of Darkness! Foutredieu!!! To The Dancefloor; A Bible, A Gun and Charlton Heston; The Road To Victory Is Paved With Autobots' Wreck and a hidden classic

Recorded october 2001 - march 2002, released may 2002


RRRecycled tape (2003)tape on RRRecords
Lucky you, you live enough old to see Foutredieu!!! being part of that great release serie, the tape consist of a 21 minutes song of distorted crooner vocals, piano and synth... (no cover, you know the RRRecycled serie...)
Recorded january 2003, released february 2003

Live And Mullet Die (2001) tape on Brise-Cul Records (SADE001)
Songs : Side 1 : 1. Intro (Live And Mullet Die) ; 2. Touche Pas À Mon Gland (Deche-Charge cover) ; 3. Mullet City : 4. Staline Was A Mullet
Side 2 : 1. Fonderie Exécution ; 2. Sting ; 3. Intestinal Mullet ; 4. Mullet In The Head ; 5. Le Cul Est Meilleur À Foutre Quand Il Est Plein... + hidden track featuring Abstract Evil Barbie.
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Recorded all along 2001, released october 2001

Comp, EP's...

LA PROCHAINE FOIS, LE FEU!!! (2003) 3"CDR on Samsa Records(not out yet)
(12 small sonic studies about the politics of fire)
songs : 1-(1975) Fire over Phnom Pen; 2-Capitaine Flam; 3-Burning Fire For A Cold Blood World; 4-Great White Fire; 5-Molotov Cock's Tale; 6-Reggae For Stimbox; 7-Espoir Zero; 8-Like A Candle in Gasoline; 9-Democratic Fire; 10-Fire In The(bya) Bush; 11-Lost In Avortex; 12-Ce Soir On Vous Met Le Feu
Recorded january-march 2003, should have been released on I.N.K., but will be released on Samsa with a may 2004 track called Montreal Brûle-t-il? Should finally be out in August 2004

UNTITLED #1 (2003) 3"CDR on Brise-Cul Records(SADE 009). Small compilation of unreleased ambient songs.
Recorded september-march 2003, released march 2003

Splits, Collab...

Split With IVERSEN - (2004) on Brise-Cul Records (SADE 19)
Foutredieu!!!'s songs : 1- IDDQD; 2- IDKFA; 3- IDBEHOLD.
Foutredieu!!!'s part of this split was recorded may-july 2004, released july 2004

Split c-01 tape With IMMACULATE:GROTTESQUE - (2004) on NCC Recordings from Washington state (part of the Waste Of Plastic series)
Foutredieu!!!'s songs : 1- I Don't think I live too soon + one track from I:G
Foutredieu!!!'s part of this split was recorded March 2004, (tentatively) released june 2004

Split With AHLZAGAILZEGUH - (2004) on Snip-Snip Records from Ohio
Foutredieu!!!'s songs : 1- Galarneau Ça Veux Dire Soleil; 2- Some Noise For Django Reinhart; 3- Shadowless Doubt; 4- Nihil Tribe 666; 5- Walking On First Snow 2003; 6- Act For Yourselt Right Now 7- Minus Twelve.
Foutredieu!!!'s part of this split was recorded November/December 2003, (tentatively) released may 2004

Collab tape with Concrete Violin - (2004) on Dada Drumming from Texas (dd10)
Foutredieu!!!'s songs : 1- Hermeneutical propension on the the theoretical subversive properties of militant neutralism (back to the spirit of ludic jazz) -->Foutredieu!!! fucking Concrete Violin noise.
2- When he gets done felating Dick Cheney, Toby Keith can lick my rectum (the lucid american) -->Concrete Violin fucking Foutredieu!!! Noise.
Foutredieu!!!'s part of this split was recorded summer 2003, released april 2004

Split With BUG CEREBRAL BUG - (2004) on Chiass Records from France
Foutredieu!!!'s songs : 1- P Y T (Fuck Off) 2- Jovi's Hill 3- Boucherie Interposée 4- Moi Et Rien D'Autre 5- Pissing On John Locke's Grave 6- Massakkara + 1 Fucking long track from Bug Cerebral Bug.
Foutredieu!!!'s part of this split was recorded January 2004, released april 2004

Split With ABSTRACT EVIL BARBIE - THE SPILL ALBUM (2002) on Brise-Cul Records (SADE003)
Foutredieu!!!'s songs : 1- Guerre; 2- Oliver Cromwell (Dog Saved The Foutre); 3- Atom-Hearted Navel; 4- Leo; 5- Amullet; 6- You’ll be disappointed; 7- Outro ; + 32 nice songs from Abstract Evil Barbie.
Foutredieu!!!'s part of this split was recorded summer 2002, released december 2002.

Always on our infamous Brise-Cul Records

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Upcomming release :
-A collab with Richard Ramirez on Brise-Cul
-Split tape with The Cherry Point on Doll Full Of Rivet Production
-3 way split with E. Victor C. and Seism on Legion Sudan from Denmark

And an hillarious PE project with Daniel Johansson of Sewer Election possibly called Petites Bites

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