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Welcome to my world...

Hello. Well, this isn't too much for a web page, but shut up! It's mine. And I can't do much better. So just enjoy the life of an Insane Teenage Guy. Later.

9/29/00 Updates: Heyo! Well, I am not going to be in town this weekend, but I have once again changed the music, and I have added a new picture on the friends page...check it out!

9/23/00 : Hola Everyone! Boy, have I been busy lately...I haven't updated in FOREVER! And even now, I didn't really update...just changed the music. Well, things are going ok. School is alright...not too hard, but I am working a lot and that's taking about from school. But Oh Well! Guess what everybody?!?! My birthday is in less than 2 weeks! October 6th! Wish me a happy bday! Well, I guess I'll be going...until next time. Enjoy my fellow freaky people!

feature on the page! I have added background sound! Yes! I have midis playing in the background. I will try to change them periodically so that there is always something new.

Music Currently Playing: "Inside Out" by EvE 6

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......................The Weather in Hell......................

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