GC Dictionary

Regular words/phrases with a GC twist.

Benjiful-(adj)To act/dress/say something relating to Benji. Benji is a punk, so you could call some punk dude benjiful. Since Benji is hot, the summer weather can also be very benjiful.

Billyriffic- To act/dress/say something relating to Billy. Same as above.

Paullywally-(adj) To act/dress/say something relating to Paul. Again, same as above.

Paulwall-(verb or noun) 1.Be quiet. 2.Behavior pertaining to Paul's quietness. In a sentence: Your putting up a Paulwall and not fessing up to molesting that goat!

GC Ya Later- Alternative to Goodbye.

Words/Phrases said by GC or in songs.

Bus 55- The bus Benji and Joel rode home from school. Orgin: Little Things. Opposite: Covertibles that rich kids drive.

Dick- An Asshole. Orgin: Little Things. Opposite: Good Charlotte.

Free Lunch-Lunches paid for with tax money that lower income students don't have to pay for. Usually given in ticket form. Orgin: Little Things.

Trick- A girl who is a tease and leads men on. Orgin: Little Things. Opposite: Me.

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