More GC Clones

These are more people who, in my crazy mind, look, in the least bit, like a member of Good Charlotte.

Benji and Drew Carey

I know what you are thinking. I thought the same thing! YES that's benji! I never imagined that I would be able to compare Benji with Drew Carey, but it's possible. Especially with this old pic. From the hair, glasses, and outfit, Benji is an exact replica of Drew Carey. Shocking isn't it?

Paul and Benji

Despite looking nothing like Benji, the blue haired Paul steals Benji's signature face, and it's obvious he is a Benji clone at this moment in time.

Kid Vicious and Sid Vicious

Well they call Benji 'Kid Vicious' for a reason. And the reason is that he is almost an exact replica of Sid Vicious, legendary bassist of the Sex Pistols. Besides copying the whole Sid Vicious necklace, the lock on the chain, that Benji wore for a long time, Benji steals Sid's pose, replacing the bass with a guitar. Though Benji didn't quite have the right look, he made up for it later with this second picture of Benji sporting the black spikes, very similar to Sid's hair.

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