History of Benji's Hair

I started with Benji because in just 3 years he has done so much to his hair, and his hairstyles are always a favorite for fans. I'll do the other dudes soon, but first, take a look at Benji, from spikes to hawks, and even one shocking hair pic he doesn't want you to see!

The Early Years

Before Benji's hair got the punk attitude of spikes, hawks, and colors, it was pretty normal. He looks a lot more like Joel, these are the kinda pics that reassure you that they are identical twins. But darnet is this boring, let's look for some color...

Becoming A Rock Star

This is the Benji that teen girls fell in love with and defined the beginning of his stardom. Included in album pictures, when the record deal came, Benji went for his signature hairdo that lasted him a whole year, the pink patch! Don't you miss that pink patch?

Yikes! Spikes!

The spikes, they have been, and still are, Benji's favorite punk hairdo. I first remember them in the Motivation vid, and he has elaborated on them, and today he can be seen sporting the black liberty spikes on All Things Rock every once in awhile. Notice how gradually the hair gets less and less pink and the spikes get longer and longer.

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