A Stupid Parody of an All Things Rock Episode

:::Benji and Joel appear on screen accompanied by the sound of screaming girls:::
Benji: Hola! You're watching 'ALL THINGS MTV THINKS IS ROCK' and that last video was Avril Lavigne and her band, I dunno their names, but who cares, she is hott!
Joel: Word!
Benji: That's such a rad cd.
Joel: Yea I listen to it to when I do my hair. She's so punk. She's cool.
Benji: Amen! But now it's time for my favorite part of the show.
Joel: What's that?
Benji: Benji and Joel's video choice of course!
Joel: Let's play something punk!
Benji: Definitely. The MTV fans need to hear some hardcore punk rock!
Audience Member: Play Anti-Flag!
Joel: Anti what?
Benji: Did you say Black Flag?
Audience Member: No...but play them anyways!
Benji: Hmm, what song does Black Flag sing?
Audience Member: I thought you listened to punk rock!
Benji: I do! Look at my Rancid shirt! :::pulls shirt out for everyone to see:::
Joel: Benji, that's a Hoobastank shirt...you threw away your Rancid shirt after we got hosting spots on TRL.
Benji: Shhh you bastard! You're ruining my image! Hey everyone, guess what, Joel thinks Britney Spears is hot.
Joel: Hey I'm not 'the punk one', no one cares. Anyways, so do you.
Benji: No, I like that girl with the spikes...what's her name...she is married to the dude in Transplants...what's his name?
Audience Member: Tim Armstrong
Benji: No! That's the dude in Rancid!
Joel: Travis from Blink?
Benji: Yea! His wife! She sounds like a man. She's hot!
Audience Member: FUCK THIS! :::walks out:::
Benji: That's why we shouldn't have live audiences.
Joel: Word!
2nd Audience Member: I LOVE YOU BENJI!
2nd Audience Member: AHHHHHHhhh! :::faints:::
3rd Audience Member: I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY JOEL!
Joel: You're cute! If you're over 18 meet me after the show and I'll try to fufill your request!
3rd Audience Member: AHHHhhhh! ::::faints:::
Benji: I like live audiences.
Joel: Me too. This is like TRL!
Benji: Ya know Carson is kind of hot. But I'm not gay.
Joel: Yea, I'm the gay twin! I mean....umm....So what punk video will we play?
Benji: Wow! That's a great idea! I mean it's totally punk AND it's a damn good song! Let's just play our video over and over for the rest of the hour. I want to leave now, I have to get to the launch party for Justin Timberlake's next single....it's for Mtv of course...i'm just fufilling my vj duties.
Joel: yeaa, sure. Man I need more gel for my hair, someone throw me another bottle...20 oz please!
Benji: Adios everyone! :::walks away with Joel::: yea know I think Christina Aguilera is the hottest...she has those piercings.
Joel: whatever...:::dumps gel all over his hair::::dammit this isn't enough, someone throw me two more bottles.
::::'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' fades in accompanied by more girlish screams::: THE END

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