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9/27 - Aiight busta's, here's the scoop.  I got my webcam workin again so check it here WEBCAM.  I also added all of the Roadtrip Pics, and i have some pics of Isaac, Jen, Mary, and I in Colorado Springs, so if ya wanna see em, jus ask.  

The snow is comin, so soon we will be on the mountain every night, hopefully we can find someone to take some pics for ya'll.  

My girl, Kassie, is wonderful, we are doin awesome, we have the best communication, and everything seems to be workin out good.  Isaac finally hooked up with Jen Austin, so now they are smoochin all the time, he's gonna kill me.  

As for life, well, we haven't done much, I won my first fight in Fight Club, Isaac hurt his ankle really bad skating, and we are goin to quite a few shows this comin month, like No Use, Dropkick, Sick of it All, Bebo Norman, and many more.  My old band, the Ukraine, is back in full swing, but i decided not to be a part of it this year.  EJI is playin a show with No Motiv, so that is huge for them.  Isaac got a band together, but he says it won't last.  I am doin a little project with my friend Steve Reed, but it's been goin prtty slow so hopefully that will pick up soon.

Late Gangsta's

9/7 - Check it.  A lot has happened in our lives since we last left ya.  Isaac has major female problems, he's got like three girlfriends, and he'll probably kill me when he reads this.  but anyway, school is in full swing.

I am back on teh worship team that i was on last year, with my friends Steve, Peter, Jess, Lea, and Kass, so its gonna freakin rock.  Isaac and i have been makin a pretty sic video of crazy stunts, so maybe i can get em posted on my site later, i will try for ya'll.  

i gotta new snowboard, last years Ride Fuel, and its soo beautiful.  I love it.  Isaac and i also went to Doc Holidays grave today, it was awesome. 

Tons o stuff has happened to me lately, but the most important, and amazing thing, something i never thought would happened, I GOT A GIRLFRIEND.  She is amazingly beautiful, and smart, and funny, awesome, understanding, caring, sweetest person. Her name is Kassie, i talk about her a lot so you probably know about her already.  but anyway, ask me about it sometime.  

I jus wanted to say hi to Rachel, Ashley, Briana, Barbara, Courtney, Marin, Jenn, Candice,     and Kara/Tiff.  catch ya all later.


8/26 - Okay, isaac and i are finally at school, we jus got here.  the roadtrip was sic, we hit the beach like everyday.  the pics from the trip will be up soon, so don't stress.  i am back at school so i have the t3 connection again, which means the webcam will be rollin 24/7 and the updates will be more often.  anyway, catch ya'll later.

7/27 - Aiight, heres the update, i gotta new guestbook on tha page, so y'all gotta sign it, Katie Holmes and Kassie already did so they beat ya to it.  I gotta ton of new pics, some from the Guiltripp show awhile back, and some from this summer. 

Um, for the real life update, Isaac gets here in cali next week, and then we are roadtrippin from tahoe, to santa cruz, to santa barbara, to san diego, to vegas, then to school in denver.  so thats gonna be nuts, and we will have some pics from that.  

Isaac and I still have no special girls in our lives, lots of very close girlfriends, but still intimate level type ladies though.  hopefully one day though.

School starts on aug.27th, so then i get to jibber jabber from there, until then, catch ya later.

7/5 - Why hello there.  okay, i am finally doin an update.  life out in cali is weak, its so freakin hot that it's hard to deal. i have been kickin it with the phat boy crew a lot, can't do much since surgery.  so look for updates. lata bustas

5/7 - Holy crap, its been quite awhile.  but i am back at it so.  yea, i lost my internet access for awhile, but now i am home in cali, and my comp is hooked up agian.  

a lot has happened, so i will jus get over it quickly.  um, school sucks, but its over, i miss my friends tons, kassi and isaac and tif and kara etc etc.  isaac is out in New hampshire, sucks for him, and kass in minnesota, the runner up in the best state category.

so yea, i am home in cali, chillin, gonna go see EJI on the 18th, you should go to.  okay, i am out

3/23 - okay, so we played softball today, in this intramural tourney, and we lost in the semi final 13-12.  but we're cool, isaac and i were decked out in our uniforms, and we got stains and stuff, so we were happy.  then, i went and got tattooed, you can check out the new tats here.  

a lot of bands are comin to denver, avail, hatebreed, afi, sick of it all, boysetsfire, death by stereo, dropkick murphys, reach the sky, and more.  check out pollstar to see if you can hit the shows.  

3/22 - Okay, so i went to the Jennifer Knapp show last night, it was so good.  I saw this artist, his name was Bebo Norman, and he was awesome, and then Jennifer Knapp jus tore it up, so i was  happy.  Anyway, i got my check today, so i am gonna get my stars tattoo tomorrow i think.  Isacc and i have a softball tourney tomorrow, so that will be fun.

Has everyone made their NCAA picks, i am in a pool here, and i picked maryland to go all the way, no doubt.  Well anyway, catch ya all later.

3/20 - Well, i added a ton of new pics to BMer's page, and i added a Links and Friends page, so now you can see pictures of the people i talk about. 

The Backside show last night was awesome, really good band.  Isaac and i slept outside on some couches last night, it was kinda cold.  anyway, catch ya all later.

3/18 - Okay, well Isaac jus got back from spring break.  I went to Cali on vacation, and isaac went to San Diego for a missions trip.

I don't wanna bore you guys so i will keep this short.  Last sunday i saw AFI, Tiger Army and The Explosion in Chico, it was intense.  Then on wednesday i went down to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, to visit one of my best friends, Barbara.  I got to go to Pismo Beach, and jus chill.  Now i am back here, in CO, chillin.  Tomorrow i am seeing the Voodoo Glow Skulls, Link 80, Union 13, and Backside, thats gonna be sic.  Wednesday i am seeing Jennifer Knapp, shes a christian artist, and shes awesome. 

The update of my life is this, i am still single, i gotta crush on this girl named Kassi, but we're not moving anywhere soon.  I think my band, Guiltipp, is done, i don't think we will ever play again.  My drummer has moved on to a new band called EJI, look for em in folsom, or on napster.  Otherwise, i am jus chillin. I think i am gonna get a new tattoo on friday, i dunno, okay lata.