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4/6 - okay, its been awhile, thats okay though.  my internet went down in CO, so as you know, the webcam doesn't work either.  i will fix it later. 

right now i am  in CA, i am goin down to mexico on sunday for a missions trip.  i can't wait.  isaac is still in co though, so talk to him, his name is dimdiddle on AIM.  i saw Avail on monday, they rip, it was so fun.  i kicked a few fools in the head, so i got beat up, but i am okay.  speaking of injuries, isaac is disabled due to a bike accident where he fell over the handle bars and hurt his foot, ha ha.  i might have to have surgery on my wrist thanks to snowboarding, so i'm pissed. 

today i went golfing with chris chase, brandon, and my dad.  it was raining so hard, but the guy let us play for free so.

when i get back from mexico i will update this again okay, check ya then.

3/23 - okay, so we played softball today, in this intramural tourney, and we lost in the semi final 13-12.  but we're cool, isaac and i were decked out in our uniforms, and we got stains and stuff, so we were happy.  then, i went and got tattooed, you can check out the new tats here.  

a lot of bands are comin to denver, avail, hatebreed, afi, sick of it all, boysetsfire, death by stereo, dropkick murphys, reach the sky, and more.  check out pollstar to see if you can hit the shows.  

3/22 - Okay, so i went to the Jennifer Knapp show last night, it was so good.  I saw this artist, his name was Bebo Norman, and he was awesome, and then Jennifer Knapp jus tore it up, so i was  happy.  Anyway, i got my check today, so i am gonna get my stars tattoo tomorrow i think.  Isacc and i have a softball tourney tomorrow, so that will be fun.

Has everyone made their NCAA picks, i am in a pool here, and i picked maryland to go all the way, no doubt.  Well anyway, catch ya all later.

3/20 - Well, i added a ton of new pics to BMer's page, and i added a Links and Friends page, so now you can see pictures of the people i talk about. 

The Backside show last night was awesome, really good band.  Isaac and i slept outside on some couches last night, it was kinda cold.  anyway, catch ya all later.

3/18 - Okay, well Isaac jus got back from spring break.  I went to Cali on vacation, and isaac went to San Diego for a missions trip.

I don't wanna bore you guys so i will keep this short.  Last sunday i saw AFI, Tiger Army and The Explosion in Chico, it was intense.  Then on wednesday i went down to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, to visit one of my best friends, Barbara.  I got to go to Pismo Beach, and jus chill.  Now i am back here, in CO, chillin.  Tomorrow i am seeing the Voodoo Glow Skulls, Link 80, Union 13, and Backside, thats gonna be sic.  Wednesday i am seeing Jennifer Knapp, shes a christian artist, and shes awesome. 

The update of my life is this, i am still single, i gotta crush on this girl named Kassi, but we're not moving anywhere soon.  I think my band, Guiltipp, is done, i don't think we will ever play again.  My drummer has moved on to a new band called EJI, look for em in folsom, or on napster.  Otherwise, i am jus chillin. I think i am gonna get a new tattoo on friday, i dunno