Requiem For a Website

Once upon a time there was a magical place; a place of wonder and enchantment.

Well, actually it was just a dilapidated shack made of hay sitting by the side of the highway.

"What the fuck is THAT??!!" Screamed Mr. Burble as we shot by it at 85 MPH. "Yo! Turn around! We HAVE to go SEE that fucking thing!"
He was enjoying his sojourn in the country quite a bit.
I complied, not knowing what would come of the latest in Burble's sightseeing photo ops...

It's been nearly a year now, and so much has changed since we conceived it in a roadside field on a sunny day.

It was Burble's idea, the theme for the website that we had decided we all wanted to do together.

Where is Mr. Burble?

He is offline, not quite like dead, but kinda.

The original idea was that The General was this crazy old guy who lived in this hay shack, you know, and he would ramble on for a while (with Burble providing the text and commentary of The General himself), and then get to the point of introducing the things his Friends (played by us, THE BIG UPDATER PEOPLE), who were actually just figments of his drunken, elderly dementia, had done or said lately.

We showed Superfister the initial pics, and he loved them.
He drove out East, and we showed him the hallowed ground upon which we would build THE FUNNIEST THING EVER.
Well, no, not EVER, but pretty good, anyhow.

It was a pretty good idea, but Burble wasn't there for the implementation of said storylike thematic strategies, and I was too wrapped up in a GURL and it all got thrown on Nick C.'s shoulders to design and code the whole fucking thing.

It appears that for now The General is very much like many other sites: still under construction, but with a direction and look never intended by its mostly-creator.

Some line about 'too many cooks' comes to mind, only there's not enough in this case.
So I guess 'Requiem For a Website' isn't quite so accurate. It is an idea that has passed on, one I was clinging to.

I am going ON THE ROAD soon, for reasons and periods and distances various and sundry and also unspecified.

I will be updating this website, and hopefully a semifunctional General as well from the back seat of my car, with power leeched from the parking lot lightpole outside a Denny's in Tuscon or Alberta or Fort Lauderdale or Kansas City or wherever I might find a Denny's. I will only steal electricity from Denny's Restaurants. Don't ask why.

But look for The General soon.

Who knows, you may even see Burble there.

Hey, it could happen.