Evry day wen i was littel mama maked me a Ham sammich for lunch.It was the best!!! mama makes the best ham sammichs around!!!


That is a chiken sammich. I like Turky sammiches better then chiken but I like chicken alrite. Mama maked a lotta chiken samichs when I growed up acount a we was poor cuz pappy got crushid. I use to come in the kitchen and yell MAMA!!! GIMME SAMMICH!! and she wood run and fech me one and tell me lawrence you got to git a job boy so i went to the truck stop and washed dishes evry day til one day my freind jonny hoho he says hammy joe i got a ideea. The guverment will give you mony if you is all cripelled and cant work no more. Then we cud get a computer and see nakid girls on it and be famis webmasters and stuff.I ses i dont wanna be no cripple and he says you just got to shoot yerself in the foot or sumthin then you says yer foot herts to much to go to work no more and they will give you money.i says that pappy shot hisself in the foot and he still had to work in the mine till it clapsed on him and jonny says you just hafta do it better then he did. i says i dont no bout this but jonny gets mad and says hammy joe I now what I am talkin bout you ninny. He says but you got to make it look like a acsidint or the guvermint will make you give the mony back. I says okay but i get to keep the cumputer acount a its my foot and all and he says okay but you got to give me mony evry month cuz i thot it up. So we shook on it and done it in the back yard. We loded my 12 gage with punkinballs and blowed holes in a couppel trees to make it look like we was shootin and then I blowed a hole in my foot.

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