Nestled snugly within the blessed acres of the Windjammer Trailer Park in Garden City Beach, SC is a place…


…a marvelous place.


 A place such as I have never seen in all my travels.



    A place where the cockroaches run wild and free, where the cloying stench of Buster the Dog, the oily scent of cockroach droppings and Crisco and the savory aroma of marijuana battle endlessly for dominance, a place filled with the delicately blending strains of such harmonies as the tv/radio blasting in the bathroom, the shuddering, multitimbred hum of the First Refrigerator Ever Made, and the cries of Skittles the Exiled Tomcat from beneath the porch...


            A place such as you have never imagined in your most surreal drug-hallucinations.



            It is my great joy to bring this place to you.



            So sit back, crack open a 24-oz. can of Icehouse, fire up a Marlboro and a joint simultaneously, and enjoy your tour of:



Mc Gee’s Trailer




            It began innocently enough.

I arrived here in Garden City Beach, SC (10 miles South of, and therefore 10 miles warmer than, Myrtle Beach) on a Monday evening. I went to my old friends Joe and Gayle’s house, strung out from driving and looking forward to working with the crew again.

I came here to work for Christmas money, and to see some old friends and do some catching-up.

Little did I know that a whole new experience awaited me.