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hey look: we've been written up!

city view: central iowa's independent weekly

(if ya can't read that: it says:  sheela, chris, mary and paul - The Goochers - are in Des Moines Friday night. Snag a copy of their new self-titled EP, then check out the fabulous punk foursome at Hairy Marys.)




"The Goochers have a lead singer, Sheela with a voice so strong it should be registered as a weapon. (She would kick ass on Broadway, I'll bet!) The band is tighter than an underused hamstring, and everything they played, they played the shit out of. Most of it was straight-up, fast and hard rock, but there was enough variety to keep me from raggin' about songs sounding the same."

- Jim Teel, The Wazzup in Fort Wayne, IN.



Part of the scene that plays Babylon and House of Knives, then drinks its beer at the Triple Rock, the Goochers and the Soviettes represent a growing post-riot-grrrl faction in south Minneapolis.

--Christina Schmitt, freelance writer, published in the City Pages, Minneapolis, MN


The Goochers Self-titled EP Self Released (from lost cause magazine Nov. 2002) With lyrical gems like, "you sold your cock for Indie rock," on a song called "The Boy with Weezer Glasses" you really can't go wrong. The Goochers create some familiar (think ballsy British girl punk from the 1970s) but urgent and fresh sounds on their recent EP. With humor, grab-ya vocal "iyyeees" and B52-like bass-lines, songs like the cheeky "Cuter Than Your Girlfriend" made me wanna hear what else they've got cooking besides this six-song EP. This live-sounding recording captures almost-innocent lyrics mixed with punk rock wit that the lead singer, Sheela, commands with her brazen delivery that leaps from growls to little yelps to frustrated screams at the end of phrases. Simple "let's party" lyrics and bouncy beats that inspire some serious head bopping ("Put your fears aside / baby let's go for a ride / Come on baby let's dance all night") sound as if they could be straight from Madonna's debut album. This song, juxtaposed with the cutting and eager "The Scene Has Been Played" ("College rock / Scenester talk / Radio play / I think I'll start a band today") works perfectly, portraying The Goochers as care-free rockers, that don't give a shit about words like "image" or "genre." -Brianna Riplinger.