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pictures are fun! 

hey gang! here are some new and exciting photos. some are from the uptown bar show on march 28th with ear candy, the 100 flowers and the fiction four (thanks guys! it was so much fun!), some from the studio and a couple from the house show at the blue marlin (thanks to ben for forwarding those on to us)

a night at the uptown bar

dude, their sister knows out! 

chris about to rock the uptown bar

sheela awaits the rock

the fiction four rock the house party

help! i'm surrounded by audettes! 

mary kicks it ! 

paul and sheela bring it! 

the goochers in the studio

the goocher boys and gunny the

wonder dog. 

mary and sheela at the blue marlin

chris lays down those fat beats

we call it spaghetti with mic stand 


mary says "why won't my pedal work?!?"

sheela at the blue marlin

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