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fmsmprc presents...
3 inches to paradise

the fuck me stupid mountain
princess recording collective
is proud to present the
"3 inches to paradise" series.
it's going to be a collection of
3 inch cd-r singles by some
of our old favourites and new
found friends. the series will
start with the first release sometime in january, and continue with a new one becoming available every 1-2 months. opening the collection will be a new collaborative recording by the KWOP organization featuring Shane Edge, or vise verser. other artists signed up for action include: yea big + kid static, wee giant, d.j.s.p., smallkit, and other stuff including a ground-ups remix!!! 3 inches to paradise will go on indefinitely, all with uniform sleeves (as pictured). check back for updates and availability.
Shane Edge- Hose Adjuster

The year: 2007, the place: Earth. After an almost five year hiatus, not including several compilation spots and guest appearances, we find Shane Edge back with a refreshing new recording...Hose Adjuster.
This uhm record establishes itself solidly, even in an age where people across the globe are calling an end to such "tard-o tape jams". the beauty and importance of this album stems from the concepts behind it. concepts that i as the writer cannot find...any where. at least not anywhere i'm looking. the concepts i am speaking exist not on a definite plane, but rather as an unspoken soulfulness. a sort of quagmire of typographical errors, steeped with a teabag of overpowering feng-shui type arrangement.
the other amazing quality of this Hose Adjuster joint is the evident change in recording style. Edge has seemingly abandoned the modern standard of recording technique and taken to the refugee of his vehicle. A solid gold Jeep now acts as his alter before which he lays his classic and wire stripped tongue. this mobile recording facility is equipped with not one, not two, not three, but four cassette recording and playback machines.
A certain intimacy is inherently present throughout this album. much of which is due to the situational structure of this recording. in large part, the artistic captivation of Shane Edge is his prolific "say on the spot" ability. here the listener finds him/herself sitting in the passenger seat of Edge's gold chariot. whether it be en route to work, on the road to places abroad, or a simple trip to the local head shop; you are there experiencing the exact moment of inspiration vocalized.
New Release:
Yea Big + Kid Static
"Eatchyo Samwich"
3 inches to paradise # 1
(fmsmprc23a / 3"-cd-r single)

*chicago based hip-hop duo Yea Big + Kid Static kick off fmsmprc's latest venture: "3 inches to paradise", a series of 3 inch cd-r singles. on this intial installment, yea big + kid static bring you an all new food related action/adventure track entitled: "Eatchyo Samwich". a glitchy-krunky number based on a true story from the backwoods of michigan (i think), i was there, as were big and static. to top it off, during the chorus section, they use that awesome vocal effect that's driving everyone crazy (krazy). this hand numbered edition of 100 comes complete with a sandwich shaped insert.

(please be sure to contact for availability of all limited edition
items before ordering)

>now taking orders online!
>check out yea big + kid static