Where Did It All Go Wrong?
(Music by Jeff and Brad; lyrics by Brad)

Each word, out there on display./ Disected; meaning is stripped away./ Falls to the ground worn out and tired./ Here I am with nothing left to say./ Not much to do but walk away./ From that resentment on your face./

My mind drifts to the times that you left me in the dark./ If only I could shed some light on pointless headgames./ Reasons that I just can't grasp./ And motives I can't shake./ And I've gotta set things straight./

All the time that you're not near me./ I've gotta say it kills me./ With paranoia on my side./ And I'm so sick and tired of thinking/ About why my phone's not ringing./ Are you there?/ What's going on?/ Tell me where did it all go wrong?/ And why is negligence the only thing left?/

Never tried/ Always lied/ Never tried/ Watched it die.../