The new site for Stream Of Consciousness is up the URL is www.mindframe.cjb.net we just thought that Streamofconsciousness.cjb.net would be kind of a long name for a site so we named it that!.. there isnt anything on the site yet!.. but i'm going to be working on it pretty much everyday and putting stuff on it.. so it'll become our new home!.. so keep checking back on it! and don't forget about the July 31st show coming up.. check it out in the shows section! thanks... Jeff(Stream Of Consciousness)


Well it's been a really long time since we've updated, 2 months actually.. things were going kind of slow.. right now we're just writing new music and that... We have a show coming up in about a month its with Pinkslip, The Sainte Catherines, Suck La Marde and Broken Theory.. this is going to be an awesome show! so everyone better go because these are great bands dont miss it!.. oh and we'll be playing under our new name Stream Of Consciousness.. I'm also working on a new site and i'll keep people posted on that and tell you when its ready! Jeff(Stream Of Consciousness)


We have some good news!! Our bassist Isaiah finally got his bass!! I guess it took awhile! some problems arrose.. but everything is good now!! So this being said we're going to get back to making music and playing the best we can!.. so you'll be seeing drawoff again very soon!..So keep your eyes open!!... Jeff.(drawoff)


Enough said. Time has come to move past the negativity, and play music. Thanks to Davys Dewsbury for his inspiration and for his wicked, wicked front page image.

Also, Happy Birthday to myself (Brad) on the 17th.


As usual with lineup changes (even for local bands like us) there seems to be a lot of confusion about the whole Pete situation. Lots of people are hearing only Pete?s side of the story, and from what we?ve been hearing, the truth has been stretched a little. So, the reason for this is to get our side of the story out. Remember, there would be no need for this to be posted if people didn?t seem to mind so much about the whole thing. We just think it?s only fair that we get the chance to justify the decision we made.

First of all, let me clarify the reasons for Pete being out of the band. ?Band?, meaning a group of like-minded musicians who share a common goal (thanks to Logan Scott for this). In the past little while, we?ve been wanting to try some new things musically, since we?ve been taking time to write songs. While Pete basically defined the whole stage-show aspect of drawoff, there was an energy that was missing in his playing that didn?t make the songs what Brad and Jeff, as the people who wrote them, expected them to be. A band isn?t three people that compensate for something that?s lacking in one person. It?s a four way street, where everyone has to contribute the same amount of energy to the music. Unfortunately for Pete, MUSICALLY there was something missing.

People also seem to be confused about the current bass player situation. The replacement?s name is Isaiah Hollander, and YES he has a bass and a bass amp to practice with. We wouldn?t get a guy to play bass with us if he had no equipment, nor would he be considered a ?bassist? without equipment. We wanted him to play with us simply because he fills in that part that we were missing in the music. He takes the songs to the level we intended them to be at when we wrote them. We spent a lot of time in the last months playing with him for fun and teaching him our songs, and it was in that time that we decided he would be better for us in order to accomplish what we want to accomplish musically as a band. It was about a month long decision, so no, we didn?t just kick Pete out on the spur of the moment as soon as this new guy came along. Also, Isaiah had nothing to do with the decision, so things shouldn?t be blamed on him.

One last thing, the decision to kick Pete out was a band decision. All three other members were talked to about it and we all agreed on it. Although Jeff and Brad were more involved in the decision, we made sure we had Adam?s ok before we did it. It wouldn?t be fair for one of us to make the decisions without talking to the others.

Pete added energy to our shows that won?t be there without him, and we always appreciated him for that. We hope he can find himself a group of guys he can make music with. We wish him luck.

Anyways, I know most of you really don?t care about all this, and we wouldn?t have put it up if things worked out a little better. But judging by the response we?ve been getting over the past couple of days, it needed to be said. And that?s all we have to say about it, unless someone else wants to talk about it. If you do have anything else you want us to clear up just post it in the guestbook and we?ll answer you.



Well, we've known this for a while, but it was pretty much made official today so we'll tell yah now. After a really successful run us, Pete is now out of the band. The reasons for this are STRICTLY musical and have absolutely nothing to do with Pete as a person. He's a great guy, and we would like nothing more but to continue with him, but this is just what needs to be done at this point. We haven't really talked to him since it happened, so this goes out to Pete: we're really sorry about this and we wish you the best.

As for the replacement, remember Isaiah Hollander? Well, he's back. We'd been jamming with him for the past little while, showing him the old and new songs, and his playing adds some kind of energy to the music that wasn't there before. It looks like better things are gonna be coming from us and we can't wait to get them out to you.

I'm sure a few of you probably have an opinion about what's been going on lately. So, good or bad, feel free to post it up in our guestbook and we'll be glad to answer you.


Still, the songs keep on coming. Brad's got a new song he wrote a couple days ago which is tentatively titled "Some Nights...". Also, Jeff is working on something new of his own.

So that puts us up to around 7 originals, 5 of which are all done. The next show should be good. We can finally get away from those damn cover songs. Oh yah, if you didn't notice we changed the title of the instrumental song "Porno Password" to "Denial" . Why, you ask? We just thought we should take the song a little more seriously.

In light of the new songs and a few slight changes of style, we thought it would be right to redo the biography of the band. Brad tryed to keep it short and as close to the original as possible. The result can be read in the MEMBERS section. Also in there, Brad went in and redid his whole member's page. He added a lot of his own words and stuff in there, it's pretty cool to check out if you're interested in finding out his view on things. Jeff put some new stuff in his too.

Well, after getting the songs down good and putting together an all new set, we're gonna look around for another show so we can let people hear the new stuff we've been doing. So what else can I say but KEEP COMIN BACK!


Once again, it's been awhile since the last update, but we've been working hard in this time writing songs. We fixed up all the little things with the old songs and even hammered out a few new ones... we've now got 5 good and finished songs. The two newest ones are called Release and Where Did It All Go Wrong. You should be hearing all the new stuff sometime in the near future with a big improvement (?), but until then we'll be posting all the new changes in the SONGS section as they come up. All we can say at this point is that things are shaping up to be a better drawoff.

Also, the navigation part of the site is looking pretty good these days, those damn rocks we had up there were fucking dumb looking!


Things haven't really been happening lately on our site but I just gotta say that we're back and things are gonna start happening again soon. There's just a bit more work to be done on our new original songs before we get out to play again. I guess it's safe to say that our new songs are little catchier and a little more hardcore than the first two at the same time... I can't wait to play the new Porno Password at our next show. We fixed that one up pretty good. We also made some small changes to the verses of Unspoken and the chorus of Not Alone . The song Nice To Know You has been turned into an acoustic song and probably won't be played live. There are also about 3 completely new songs in the works.

On the site, we FINALLY finished the pictures section, which has pictures from live shows and practices. There's some pretty cool shit in there so check that out. We updated as much information in the SONGS section as possible and added a couple more links to the LINKS section.

Well other than that I guess the only thing to say is that we have a couple of shows possibly lined up for February where you'll get to hear our newer songs as well as a few new covers we've been workin' on. We'll keep you posted like always so see yah then!


Hey its been awhile since we've updated but there really wasnt much to say... Anyways we've got a few shows lined up for February and we've also been writing some new originals which should be done soon! Hopefully we can get the pics up as soon as possible so keep checkin back for more~


Well... things kinda went bad with the Head Down show tonight. It really sucks that we didn't get to see these guys rock out, especially after all the work they put in over the past little while. Hopefully you bought the EP... Sorry to everyone who missed out on them and all the other bands... it was lined up to be a hell of a show. Hope you enjoyed what yah saw anyways.

We're probably not gonna be playing another show in a little while... we're gonna take some time to write some orignals and get a few things down. Things were happening pretty fast this month... thanks to everyone for not getting bored and for responding so good to us tonight.

Anyways, on the site we've got all the show stuff up in the SHOWS section, including setlists and stuff like that. We wanna get a pics section up soon enough using the pics we got of the last three shows, so look our for that.

We'll keep you up on what's goin' on in the next little while. Thanks for the support this month and we'll see yah back out there soon.


Hey everybody im out for 4 days so have a Merry FUCKIN Christmas


I put the details for the Head Down show up so check them out...


Well we have another show lined for the 28th.. It isnt for sure yet because it was the 27th and if they decide not to push it ahead one day we will be short a drummer so.... Make sure you go to the show no matter what theres no missing Head Down ...it'll be a hell of a show


I put up the details for the Belvedere show in the Shows section. Also, go to the new SONGS section for information on some of our original songs. Cool.


Hey! The show went pretty good on December 1st. We played a set of 10 songs (about 35-40 minutes) which included our first two original songs Not Alone and Unspoken . Thanks to Cassie for hooking us up with the show.

The next show for us is in a few days, December 10th, with Belvedere and Valuum. Go to the shows section for all the details.


We are playing a show on December 1st. Check out the Shows section for more information. Also, we fixed up pretty much all the individual pages in the Members section.


As you probably noticed, we've finally got a few cheap pics lyin' around the site. They're kinda blurry for a webcam, but we should have better ones soon.

As for our bassist situation, I think that's lookin' pretty good right now. A week after losing Isaiah, we got Pete back in the band the rock out with us. We'd like to give a warm welcome back to this master of bass and his pimped out hair. Things should start getting good pretty soon.

Yah, go and vote for us on that Puzzle poll. It'd be pretty cool to be the first completely unheard band ever to win an award.


Well the bass player we had is most likely not gonna be playing with us anymore. Some problems came up. So the position is again open which sucks.


We've been featured in a poll on The Puzzle site for Favorite Timmins Band. Not too bad for a band that hasn't yet played a show or put out a recording! But, if that doesn't bug yah too much, go and vote for us dammit!


drawoff has been popping up on a couple sites out of Kirkland Lake in the past little while. First off, we're featured on the Shocknova Records website, which is an indie label out of KL that's looking for new bands. Also, the people from Shocknova have a great indie band webpage called The Puzzle, where you'll see us and most of the other bands from Timmins featured.

I put up the links to those webpages, as well as the Twitch Factor webpage, in the LINKS section. So check those webpages out.

I also made a correction on the shows section about the Downway show. The name of the production team has been changed from Triple M Productions to Puke Buket Productions. If you haven't picked up tickets for the show yet, you still got a couple weeks to do it so get out there! I know I still need to...

Keep comin' back, cause there should be some new things going on really soon (?)...