These are some links to a few Timmins and surrounding area bands and shit. Go check out their sites and show them some support. If you have a band or any other kind of site and want us to hook you up, get a hold of Jeff or Brad through the Contact section.

Anton's Children - Awesome emo/punk... you gotta hear this. Go to the site for a brand new version of their song Not Tonight. Also, download Flash 5 so you can check out one of the best sites in Timmins to its fullest!

Grimace - Fast music and awesome songwriting from this wicked Timmins punk band. Check out their new MP3s!

Head Down - One of the tightest and most talented local bands... hear them on CD with their new EP Euphoria or check out their first EP, Volume 1 .

Nancy Raygun - This amazing grunge band offers up a little something new for local punkasses. Talented songwriting and musicianship is definately something you won't miss in this awesome local band. Go to the webpage and check out the new Talent Is Subjective EP , which is up for download now.

Commited - Commited is a really talented 4 piece band from Kirkland Lake. These are the guys to go check out if you're looking for wicked playing and even better songwriting. So if that's your thing... uhh check 'em out!

easYwaYouT - Direct from the band themselves... "Melodic Speedcore punk rock from the heart of the North... more like four kids who don't know what they're doing."

Two Sk8ers And A Poser - This is an awesome, growing local skating site with Ramp Plans, Skate Tips, tons of wicked pictures, and more... all made by two 15 year old guys. Also, check out their new Punk section around Christmas time, which Brad will be helping out with.

Shocknova Records - Shocknova Records is the only independant record label in the Tri-Town area. It's run out of Kirkland Lake by Jake Naylor of Twitch Factor, and it's always looking to check out new bands. They also do good quality recordings. Check it out!

Twitch Factor - If you want to hear something completely fresh and new, check this band out... it's experimental heavy music that isn't really afraid to try anything. You can't really describe it until you've heard it, so check it out.

HtGt - A hard pop/punk band out of North Bay. Check out the recently posted MP3 of Not My Day .

Spazz Pillo - More weird and experimental music courtesy of Shocknova Records. All created from the twisted mind of Spazz Pillo. Go to the site for song samples.

Sally Snow - Acoustic Rock music from London, ONT. Sally Snow are very talented musicians and songwriters. Go to the site to order the EP or check out some MP3s.

KDM - Old school style punk rock/occasional ska... really good band to check out if you want a break from the new school punk of most of the local bands. These guys are from Iroquois Falls... wicked site!

The Puzzle - This is a really sweet indie band site, which features bands from anywhere from Timmins to Toronto. It's a great idea which is run by Shocknova Records, and you can catch every band from Timmins there, as well as bands from Kirkland and lots of other Ontario cities. You'll see reviews, interviews, and basically everything to make it the best (and probably only) independant band source out of the area.