Friday, December 28th/2001

AT: Timmins Native Friendship Center
WITH: (Was supposed to be...) Valuum, Comitted, Grimace, Head Down

This show was put on my a local band called Head Down to promote the release of their new CD. Everyone showed up really pumped to hear some tunes but shit went kinda bad when the cops came in and shut everything down. As for why or what exactly happened, we don't really know why... but in the end it was really shitty that everyone had to miss out on hearing the other 4 bands. Anyways in my opinion I think this was our best set out of the three... people seemed to get into it and Pete even got into the crowd a couple times. That kid's a crowd pleaser...


1) Porno Password (Instrumental)
2) Bigwig - Cheers
3) Sloppy Meateaters - Another Friend
4) Unspoken
5) Rufio - Above Me
6) Strung Out - Matchbook
7) Lagwagon - Island Of Shame
8) No Use For A Name - The Answer Is Still No
9) Not Alone