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Welcome to the new look of Mike's Boarding World. This website is always updating and not usually under construction, unless I make a big change like this new look. There should never be broken links or links to pages with an older look. So if there are, make sure you contact us.


3/28/02 -- *IMPORTANT* damn namezero sh** f*ck crap, is not anymore, you can get to my site now using the address
if anyone knows of any better free domain services, please let me know

3/27/02 -- new poll, check it out. let me know if you can think of any better vids for it. also check out Mullens pics, expect more new pics to be added soon.

3/25/02 -- what's up everyone, it's 12:04 A.M. I know I haven't done anything in a while, but I'm going to start workin more on getting this site looking better. I don't know how long it's going to take to be fully updated, so just be patient.

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