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Web Designer Chris' Web Page

10-9-00 This is ALF Here and chris is whining.Im probably getting 2 new members once they send me some pics.not that long till you guyz are on.ooh yea and Chris is Spoiled.

11-8-00 Chris GuySPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILEDSPOILED! here and i fixed the damn spoiled crap. I was smart enough to reserve it, thats all. Anyways, I'm fixing Alf's editing, so thats the update.

11-1-00 Hi This is ALF here, We just got a new team member his name is Richard Solomen. We dont have all of the info on him yet but i'll get it tommorow at school. I'm gonna now update every Wednesday Night.We need more stuff. I am trying to put up a picture Gallary once I get my digital camera.Ill also add picture by picture ways to do tricks.Well Cya ALF.

10-3-00: Hello, Team Member Chris(Chris Guy) & Kevin(ALF) has been appointed the Web Interface Designer. Yay, this outta be fun, I get to Revamp and reorginize. Currently I'm Going to eliminate most things from the start up page except for links and pictures. Anyways this should be fun and remeber: ALF ( jeez, I don't even want to pretend to like Alf and get called a f!@@#$% poser ) As once a Dilbert comic stated, "Give me a month, and I'll replace the URL's with Uniform Resource Locators." Chris Guy

10-6-00: Hello, Chris Guy with a local update. This time, I edited the team page and put in a mailing list! Join! If its not there, it'll be there tommorow. The joke list will be made by me , myself , and the Team Comedian,Josh, enjoy!

10-11-00: I'm still trying to find a picture of ALF's board. Don't worry. The team page got more editing and as soon as I get permission, I want to give each member a section of the site for their own use.Wayne Ng's soul belongs to team ALfuckinF

10-28-00: Playstation 2 baby!I just added the member sanctuaries so enjoe them.